What is CalyxOS? – CalyxOS Features

What is CalyxOS?

CalyxOs is An Operating System that is based on Android OS. Calyx os is an Android Operating System with some extra privacy features or you could say it eliminates the fact that Google has control over your personal data. 

CalyxOS is a privacy-based Operating System for Mobile. CalyxOs is a ‘de-googled’ Android OS. The main focus of CalyxOs is to protect your privacy and data. In other words, it’s an Android without Google. This open-source project is sponsored by the Calyx Institute.

 Although Android is open source, we have to use Google Play Services each time you sign in or use any apps (in other words, Your data is being sent to google). But CalyxOs uses something called MicroG instead of Google Play Services. You can use Google maps, watch youtube videos, or download without ever needing to sign in to any Account. How cool is that?

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What is CalyxOS?


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What Is MicroG?

MicroG is an implementation of proprietary Google libraries that is free and open-source as well. MicroG was developed by A German software developer named Marvin Wißfeld. MicroG serves as an alternative to  Google Play Services on the Android operating system. 

The initial release of Android (2007) was open-source, however, Google replaced some of Android’s open-source components with proprietary software as Android became very popular.

Marvin Wißfeld created the NOGAPPS project which was a replacement for Google Play Services. In 2016 the NOGAPPS project was renamed as microG.

What App Store Does It Use?

Not Google App Store for sure 🙂

Being a privacy-based OS, CalyxOS comes with two app stores – 1. F-Droid, 2.Aurora Store.

What is F-Droid?

F-Droid is a  software repository of FOSS or Free and Open Source Software. It is a great alternative to the Google Play Store as it offers a huge collection of open-source apps for the Android platform. F-Droid can be a good service to use if you are concern about your privacy.

Best F-Droid apps in 2021

1.K-9 Mail

2.Face Slim


4.Fennec F-Droid



7.Yalp Store 

8. NewPipe 



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What is Aurora Store? 

 The Aurora store is one of the best alternatives to the Google Play Store Just like the f-droid. Aurora Store was developed by Rahul Kumar Patel. One of the best features of the Aurora store is that it lets you download apps without any Google Play account. But still, some apps might ask for Google Services.

Browser –

Calyxos recommends Tor Browser, DuckDuckGo BrowserCalyx VPN (a free VPN service) to avoid spying and censorship. It also has a built-in VPN

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CalyxOS Features

1. It is a privacy-focused OS by default.

2.microG replaces Google Play Services.

3.Private Web browsing.

4. Ability to block unknown USB devices.

5.Get details on what apps are requesting which permissions.

6.It provides privacy for Sensitive Numbers (Domestic violence, child abuse, suicide hotlines helpline calls are not recorded in the call log)

7.Configurable automatic backup.

8. It offers Client-side encryption for backed-up data.

9.It provides robust Authentication.

10. Much Secure than Normal Android.

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CalyxOS vs GrapheneOS 

(What’s the difference between CalyxOS and GrapheneOS?)

CalyxOS: As mentioned earlier, It is based on Android & MicroG. It is an open-source privacy-based OS.

GrapheneOS: It is an open-source mobile OS that mainly focuses on privacy and security and it is compatible with Android apps.

Final Thoughts: Although CalyxOS is quite good, it doesn’t mean that it will replace Google’s Android as of now. But in near future, it might even replace Android. It can be a good choice for lawyers, and political and social activist groups, journalists. 

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