What are The Different Types of Websites? – 10+ Types

If you are a web developer, there are a couple of things that are not compulsory to know but it will give you a better understanding of the web. And this topic is one of them. This post is intended for both normal users and developers.

Table of Content – 
  1. What is a Website?
  2. What is a domain name?
  3. What is web hosting? 
  4. What are the different types of websites?
  5. What are the different types of website structures?

1.What is a Website?

What are the different types of websites
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A website is a collection of publicly accessible media( text, images, audio, video, etc.) available under one domain name. Often single Web page is called a website. However, a website can consist of many interlinked web pages or independent pages.

A website can contain some static web pages or complex dynamic web pages. A website can be created by an organization or an individual or a group.

2.What is a Domain Name?

What are the different types of websites
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A Domain Name is a string that indicates a specific numeric IP address. A Domain Name makes a website address human-readable as the actual address of a website is a complex numerical IP address (e.g. 

To make a website address human-friendly, we use DNS. Rather than using IP addresses, we use domain names or English names to identify any website.

Example: Suppose you want to visit google.com, It would be a hassle to remember the IP address of Google. Hence you can just type Google’s domain name (google.com or URL) on the search bar and visit Google. 

3.What is Web Hosting? 

What are the different types of websites
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As the name suggests, Web hosting is a type of service that lets an individual or organization post or publish their websites or webpage on the internet. 

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4. What are The Different Types of Websites?

What are The Different Types of Websites
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There are several ways to categorize websites. There are many types of websites and there is not really an exact answer. As web technology is evolving each day, new types of websites pop up each day. Nonetheless, here are The Different Types of Websites that are well known.

From Web Developer Perspective :

There are mainly three types of Website 

1. Static Website 

2. Dynamic Website

3. CMS (Content Management System)

1. What is a Static Website?

A static website is a simple web page or group of web pages written in HTML, CSS, Javascript, etc. Static websites are easy to create and understand as they have a simple structure.

You don’t need any knowledge of databases while creating a static website as they don’t use a database. Most of the time Static websites are very lightweight and fast. Generally, Static websites are developed by a frontend developer. Static websites don’t feature any dynamic data or content.

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2. Dynamic Website

Unlike static websites, Dynamic websites get their data from a database. Dynamic Websites can be complex depending on their nature. Dynamic websites are quite hard to understand.

It uses server-side scripting languages like PHP & it also uses client-side scripting. Data or content on a Dynamic website can be changed or updated dynamically using the DB.

The content of a dynamic website can change depending on the users’ demographics, time of day, location, language settings, etc. Dynamic websites are slower than static websites.

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3. CMS

 If you are a follower of my blog, then you probably know about CMS. But in case you don’t know, Content Management System as known as CMS is a type of application that enables us to manage web content easily.

 A dynamic site can also be used with a CMS. With CMS platforms like WordPress, you can launch your own dynamic website within minutes.CMS is a great choice for non-techies. 

From A User Perspective :

1. Business Websites

2.Blog Websites

3.eCommerce Website

4. Non-Profit Websites

5. Personal Website

6. Portfolio Websites

7. Educational Websites

8. Media Website (Magazine and News)

9. Social Media Websites

10. Community Forum Website

These are just some of the various websites, They are well known by the online community. As I mentioned you can easily find more types of Websites but these are the main types of websites available on the internet. 

1Business Websites

This type of site is mainly dedicated to a certain type of business. A business can also sell its product or services on its sites. A business website can be an online presence for offline companies.

2. Blog Website

Well, You are reading this article on a blog, Qualified Geek. Blogging has become quite well known. A blog is a type of website which is used to share valuable content daily or occasionally. A blog can be based on any niche or topic or even multiple topics. An individual or a group can run a blog.

3.eCommerce Website

An eCommerce website is a type of website where you can buy and sell goods or products. Basically an online market or supermarket. One of the best examples of eCommerce Websites is Amazon.

4. Non-Profit Websites

Some Non-profit organizations or NGOs run this type of website. Non-Profit Websites is one of the best ways to make people aware of their organization and bring some potential contributors to give donations.

5. Personal Website

A personal website is for personal use. You can use it to share your personal experiences and memories with friends and family. You can also use it to keep your online presence.

6. Portfolio Websites

A portfolio website is a type of website that lets a professional showcase his/her skills and experiences to an employer.

7. Educational Websites

Educational Websites are portals that offer online courses. For students, educational websites play a huge role in their learning process. Udemy and Coursera are two of the biggest Educational websites.

8. Media Website 

Media websites play a crucial for world news. Media websites are mainly owned by local or international Newsgroups or companies.

9. Social Media Websites

Social Media websites are types of websites where you can share anything, meet new people, chat with people, etc. Facebook is a great example of a social media website.

10. Community Forum Website

Community Forum Website is very similar to social media websites. However, there are some differences. You can easily share your thought on a forum website or start a discussion or ask a question. Reddit is a great example of a community forum website.

5. What are The Different Types of Website Structures?

What are The Different Types of Website Structures
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There are four types of Website Structures – 1. Hierarchical Model,2. Sequential Model,3.Matrix Model,4.Database Model

1. Hierarchical Model: Hierarchical Model is one of the most used Website Structures. It is mainly in websites or web applications that contain a large amount of data. You can think of Hierarchical Model as a tree where the homepage is a trunk and it branches out into categories and pages.

2. Sequential Model: Sequential Model follows a sequence. This model leads users through a sequence or step by step.  

3. Matrix Model: Matrix Model is one of the oldest models for Website Structures. It allows the users to decide they would like to go next. It used to be quite popular when the internet was new.

4. Database Model: A database model is a type of model based on a dynamic approach. It follows a bottom-up approach. It integrates a database with a search.


A straight answer cannot be given to this question “What are the different types of websites”. It is possible that you might find some other types of websites.

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