What are Google Chrome Extensions? – 10 Best Chrome Extensions

What are Google Chrome Extensions?

Google Chrome Extensions are software programs or addons that can be added to Chrome in order to add some extra functionalities to the chrome browser. 

Generally, Google Chrome Extensions are based on web technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. It enables users to customize Chrome for a better browsing experience.

Some examples of “What kind of functionalities a Google Chrome extension can add to Chrome”

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What are Google Chrome Extensions


How do I find Google Chrome Extensions?

To find the google extensions, you need to visit Google Chrome’s Webstore (Visit Google Chrome Store from here). You can browse through 150,000+ (approx) extensions.


How to install Google Chrome Extensions?

Installing a Google Chrome Extension is as easy as installing an app from the play store. But here instead of installing you have to add that specific extension to Chrome. Let me show you how to install Google Chrome Extensions.

1.Open Google Chrome’s web store -> Webstore ,Search for any extension on Chrome’s webstore & follow the steps given below 🙂

how do I remove or uninstall extensions from chrome?

2. For the demo, I am going to install Evernote Web Clipper.

What are Google Chrome Extensions


3.After opening the specified extension, You will see a button “Add to Chrome” (In other words, Install the Extension). Click on Add Extension (As shown below) and you have installed the Google Chrome Extension on your Chrome browser.

How to install Google Chrome Extensions?

how do I remove or uninstall extensions from chrome?

To uninstall a chrome extension follow the steps given below -> 

1. Navigate the Three dots at the top right corner of Chrome, click on the three dots.

2. Next click on More Tools -> Extensions (The above page should open). Alternatively, You can also open the page by going to chrome://extensions/

 how do I remove or uninstall extensions from chrome?

3.Here I am going to remove Evernote Web Clipper, Click on the remove button in order to uninstall the extension.

how do to remove or uninstall extensions from chrome?how do I remove or uninstall extensions from chrome?

4.You have successfully uninstalled/removed the chrome extension.


Can I add extensions to chrome on Android?

The short answer to this question is NO. However, the long answer can be tricky. Although you can’t add extensions to chrome, you can use other browsers to add those extensions to your android. 

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Either you can use Firefox Browser to use the addons (or extensions) or you can use google chrome extensions with other browsers such as Yandex and KIWI on your android. I would suggest you use firefox instead of using other browsers. 

In case you’re still interested in adding extensions to chrome on Android (using other browsers) – How to Use Desktop Chrome Extensions on Android 


The Best Chrome Extensions in 2021 (Top Ten)

This list consists of some of the best extensions on chrome.

the best extensions on chrome

1. Todoist

700,000+ Users

Category: Productivity

Todoist is a robust to-do list Chrome extension. Todoist for Chrome lets you organize and manage work and life. It is probably the best to-do list extension for chrome.


Best Chrome Extensions in 2021


10,000,000+ Users

Category: Productivity

Are you tired of remembering passwords for all the websites you use?

Are you saving your password with chrome password manager?

This is where LastPass comes in, LastPass is a password manager which lets you manage your passwords efficiently. 

LastPass also provides good security to keep your passwords safe.LastPass is the best free password manager chrome extension.


the best extensions on chrome

3.HTTPS Everywhere

2,000,000+ users

Category: Social & Communication

HTTPS Everywhere by EFF and the Tor Project automatically enforce HTTPS (secure) on thousands of websites that are insecure (HTTP).

 HTTPS Everywhere makes sure that every site you visit comes with HTTP and is secure to avoid surveillance and account hijacking, etc. It is one of the best chrome extensions for privacy


Best Chrome Extensions in 2021


1,000,000+ users

Category: Productivity

If you are somebody who visits many sites and downloads a lot of files that it can be a hassle to delete your browsing history and download history.  

This is where click and clean comes in, Click&Clean lets you Delete your browsing history, remove download history, remove temporary files, clear cookies, empty cache, etc with just a click.


the best extensions on chrome


40,000+ users

Category:Developer Tools

If you are a developer or a blogger, then you have to check your site very frequently for SEO issues, security issues, and page speed as well. 

Checkbot chrome extension lets you monitor critical data and help you to improve it.

 It lets you check duplicate content, broken links, missing or long page titles/descriptions/H1s, invalid HTML/CSS/JavaScript, canonical URLs, image ALT tags, robots.txt, JS,CSS minification,etc. This is one of the best chrome SEO extensions.


Best Chrome Extensions in 2021


3,000,000+ Users

Category: Productivity

Momentum is a unique extension that lets you replace your boring 

& blank new page with beautiful photography, inspiring quotes, weather reports.


best extensions for chrome


10,000,000+ users

Category: Productivity

If you’re annoyed by excessive popup ads or ads, then this extension is for you, Adblock extension lets you block any kind of ads (banner, popup, etc.).You can also skip unskippable video ads.

You can also pause it on any site (in case you want to support them by letting them run ads). This is one of the best chrome extensions. 


Grammarly for chrome


10,000,000+ Users

Category: Productivity

If you don’t know or haven’t used the Grammarly chrome extension then, you are missing out on something really amazing. As the name suggests, Grammarly helps you write anything with any silly grammatical mistake. This is a must-have extension for bloggers and content creators. 


Can I add extensions to chrome on Android?

9.GoFullPage – Full Page Screen Capture

4,000,000+ users

Category:Developer Tools

Capturing a whole webpage screenshot in chrome has never been easier. With Gofullpage, all it takes is one click to capture the full page screenshot. You can download the screenshot as a pdf or png format file.


Can I add extensions to chrome on Android?

 10.Windscribe – Free Proxy and Ad Blocker

1,000,000+ users

Category: Productivity

Once added to Chrome, the extension from Windscribe acts as a free proxy or VPN. Windscribe has been a good VPN provider for quite some time. 

With the free plan, you will get 10GB of free data each month. You can also use the desktop version of Windscribe. It is one of the best chrome extensions VPN.

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Honorable Mentions-


Remember that never download any unknown third-party Extension and also don’t install too many Extensions at the same time as it might slow the PC or cause the chrome to crash. I hope you have a basic idea of “What are Google Chrome Extensions?”.

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