What are Cookies on a Browser?

Table of Contents –
  1. What are Cookies on a Browser?
  2. What are Cookies on a Computer?
  3. Types of Cookies
  4. What is Cookie Tracking?
  5. Difference Between Cache and Cookies
  6. What is The Cookies Policy?

What are Cookies on a Browser?

Cookies are a small block of information or data that a web server generates and sends to the client’s web browser. Generally, a cookie is placed on the user’s computer or device by the web browser.

It is also known as HTTP cookies, web cookiesInternet cookiesbrowser cookies. Cookies are kept in that specific user’s system for a predetermined period of time. 

Cookies make the web experience personalize for users by informing websites about the user. Cookies help websites to understand users. Cookies also help web developers to make the website’s user experience better by understanding the users.

If somebody asks you, what are Cookies on a browser?

Just tell them, “Cookies are basically a small text file that stores data like username and password to give you a better web experience.”

What are Cookies on a Computer?

What are Cookies Browser

Cookies on a Computer are nothing different than an HTTP cookie or normal cookie. As discussed earlier, cookie consists of information. When we use a computer to visit a website, the website generates a cookie and sends it to your computer. That specific cookie is stored in a file located inside your web browser for a time period.

Types of Cookies

There are two types of cookies 1. First-party Cookies,2.Third-party Cookies. Cookies can further be divided into five types – 1. Session cookies,2.Permanent cookies,3.Flash cookies,4.Zombie cookies.

1. What are first-party cookies?

A first-party cookie is a type of cookie set by the domain or website you visit. These cookies help the website owner collect analytics data, user behavior, etc. First-party cookies allow the website owner to make the user experience better by collecting no sensitive data.

2. What are third-party cookies?

A third-party cookie is a type of cookie created by another domain than the one the user is visiting at the time. Third cookies are mainly used for online advertising purposes. To place a third-party cookie on a website, we use scripts or tags.

1. Session Cookies

A session cookie is a type of temporary cookie, Session cookie retains the user information as long as the user is active on the website. Session cookies are deleted once the browser is closed.

2. Permanent Cookies

A permanent cookie, also known as a persistent cookie, is a type of cookie that stays on the user’s browser even after closing the browser (the exact opposite of  Session Cookies). This type of cookie stays on the browser for a long time. Usually, permanent cookies have an expiration date that ranges from a second to 10 years.

3. Flash Cookies

Flash cookies are a special type of cookie as it is independent of the browsers. Generally, Flash Cookies are permanently stored on the user’s device. Even after the deletion of all cookies from the browser, flash cookies remain on a user’s device.

4. Zombie Cookies

Zombie Cookie is a type of cookie that gets recreated (automatically) after being deleted by the user. This type of cookie is hard to detect or manage. It is also used by online games to prevent cheating.

 What is Cookie Tracking

 Cookies are closely related to tracking, As Cookies are one of those things which are used to track user activity. Tracking Cookies are generated by either a first-party or third-party while visiting a site. 

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These small text files contain all the activities such as browsing history, browsing behavior, location, shopping habits, etc. 

Some Tracking Cookies can track you across multiple sites or services. Tracking is mainly used for advertising purposes.

Difference Between Cache and Cookies

Cache Cookies
Cache is a reserved storage location that stores website content that helps websites load faster.While Cookies are small text files used to store data such as Username, Password, etc.
Cache requires more space.Cookies require less space.
Cache expires manually.Cookies expire automatically.
Few differences between cache and cookies

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What is The Cookies Policy?

A cookies policy is a way to clarify to your users about what cookies are active on your website and what they track. Most of us prefer to place a Cookies policy as a section of our privacy policy page. One domain or website should always get consent before storing a cookie.You can check qualified geek’s cookies policy on our privacy policy page.


I hope you got the basic idea of “what are cookies on a browser?”, Always be careful before allowing any cookie to be stored on your browser or device.

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