Top 5 Best Free IDE for Angularjs in 2021

In this article, we will take a look at some of The Best Free IDE for AngularjsBut before we do that, let us know few basics about Angularjs.

  1. What is Angularjs? 
  2. AngularJS VS ReactJS
  3. What are the Advantages & Disadvantages of AngularJS?
  4. Top 5 Best Free IDEs for Angularjs in 2021
  5. Which IDE is the best for Angular?

What is Angularjs? 

Angularjs is an open-source javascript-based front-end web framework. We use Angular to develop dynamic single-page applications (SPA). With Angular, we can use HTML as a template language.

AngularJS is a suitable framework to create Rich Internet Applications (RIA). It was originally developed by Adam Abrons and Misko Hevery in 2009. It is currently maintained by Google. 

Features of AngularJS

  • Data Binding 
  • Deep Linking 
  • Plain Old JavaScript model
  • Dependency Injection
  • Model View Controller(MVC) Framework
  • Routing
  • Use of Filters (Filter, Currency, JSON, Lowercase, etc.)
  • Use of directives
  • And Many More

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Difference Between AngularJS And React Js ( AngularJS VS ReactJS)

Angular.js is a Javascript-based front-end framework.React.js is a JavaScript front-end library.
Angular.js follows MVVM models- Model View Model and it is relatively complex. React.js follows MVC- Model View Control and it is relatively simple.
Written in Microsoft’s Typescript language.Written in JavaScript.
It uses Regular DOM.It uses virtual DOM.
For Angular, data-binding is Bi-directional.For React, data-binding is Uni-directional.
It is slower than React.It is faster than Angular.
Currently maintained by Google.Currently maintained by Facebook.
Comparison between AngularJS And React Js

What are the Advantages & Disadvantages of AngularJS?

There are many advantages & Disadvantages of AngularJS, and a few of them are listed below.

Advantages of AngularJS : 

  • It is a powerful framework.
  • The code is unit-testable in Angular.
  • It offers reusable components.
  • It provides two-way data binding.
  • It supports single-page applications (SPA) features.

Disadvantages of AngularJS : 

  • It is less secure as it uses JS.
  • Memory Leakage can occur.
  • It is hard to learn (Difficult learning).
  • JavaScript support is mandatory.

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Top 5 Best Free IDE for Angularjs in 2021

5. Aptana Studio 3

4. Brackets

3. Atom

2. Sublime Text

1. Visual Studio Code

5. Aptana Studio 3 

 Aptana Studio is a free & open-source IDE for Angularjs. Aptana is based on Eclipse. It is a well-equipped IDE for Web Developers. Other than AngularJS, Aptana can be used to write HTML,CSS,Js,PHP,etc. It comes with lots of plugins & extensions.

Aptana is mainly dedicated to advanced or senior-level developers. It is the best Best Free Angularjs IDE for Senior developers. 

Features of Aptana Studio
  • Deployment Tools 
  • Built-in Terminal
  • Completely Customizable
  • Testing tools

4. Brackets

Brackets is a modern, powerful IDE yet it is very lightweight. It is widely used for developing web applications. Brackets is a Web development-focused Editor. It offers visual tools inside the code editor itself.

Other than Angular, it supports a variety of languages. It supports Windows, Mac, and Linux. It provides a good development environment.

Features of Brackets
  • Visual Tools 
  • Preprocessor Support
  • Inline Editors
  • Live Preview 

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3. Atom

Atom by Github is one of the best free IDE for Angularjs. It is quite popular because of its big community and easily customizable environment. 

Atom is well suited for Angular.js as there are many packages and themes for Angularjs. Atom is beginners friendly as well. Many developers prefer Atom because of its simplicity.

Features of Atom Editor

  • Easy to Use.
  • Robust Auto-Completion.
  • File System Browser.
  • Built-in package manager

2. Sublime Text

Sublime Text is one of the best IDEs not just for Angular but for most programming languages. It has a user-friendly interface which makes it beginner-friendly.

 It is a compact and lightweight Code Editor. It is a popular editor or IDE among beginners. It is probably the best free DE for Angularjs for beginners. It is available for Linux, Mac, and Windows.

Features of Sublime Text

  • Highly Customizable. 
  • Split Editing.
  • Easy to Use (Beginner friendly).
  • Hugh Library of Plugins / Extensions.
  • Lightweight. 

1. Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code is an open-source Code Editor by Microsoft. VS code is the best free IDE for Angularjs and many other languagesIt is a powerful IDE with tons of features.

 VS Code is widely used by professional software developers. It provides a great integrated development environment. It supports TypeScript as well. It provides high customization for a variety of languages. 

You can easily set up VS Code for Angular applications by installing few Angular-related plugins. It comes with a built-in terminal, auto-completion of code, robust debugging. 

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Features of Visual Studio Code

  • The Integrated CLI (Command Line Interface). 
  • Robust Debugger.
  • Hugh Library of Plugins.
  • Variety Languages Support.
  • Easy to Customize.
  • Emmet Abbreviations.
  • In-built Git Commands.
  • Syntax Highlighting.
  •  Intelligent Code Completion.
  • Code Refactoring.
Which IDE is the best for Angular?

The best IDE for Angular.js has to be Visual Studio Code. I personally use VS code. I have written React.js and Angular.js with VS code. And it works flawlessly with both angular and react. 


I would you to use either Sublime Text (beginners) or Visual Studio Code (Advanced). According to me, these are The Best Free IDE for Angularjs.

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