Top 4 Free Download Of VPN For Android In 2021

Free download of VPN for Android can be a good idea or a bad idea at the same time. Why? you may ask. continue reading to find out.

Why VPN is Necessary These Days?

VPN has become a necessity for any device that is connected to the internet. As Privacy related crime and Data breach is on the rise. Many of us stress about their anonymity and data leaks, therefore almost all of us turned to VPN as their first line of defense against cybercrime or to avoid any data leak. Although Almost all of us know about VPN yet few of us use VPNs. 

While Some of us prefer to buy a monthly or yearly subscription but most of us prefer to go with a free VPN. But there is an argument on whether you should use a free VPN or not. I’m not going to discuss the argument. I will list some of the reliable free VPNs for android With download links. Before we go to the list let me discuss some Advantages & Disadvantages Of the free download of VPN for Android.


Advantages Of the free download of VPN for Android or Free VPN for Android

  1. Free so you don’t have to pay any money
  2. Some security is better than no security at all.
  3. Can be used to access some blocked content or website.


Disadvantages Of the free download of VPN for Android or Free VPN for Android

  1. Your data might not be as secure as you might think.
  2. Your data might be sold by the free VPN company as their main source of income.
  3. The connection can be very slow.
  4. Very low amount of security.

To Avoid these bad VPNs, I going to give you a list of two or three VPNs. Personally, I’ve been using them for quite a while now. 

Best free download of VPN for android.

Before I get into the list remember the list based upon my personal experience and honestly, I still use them. I have used a lot of VPNs to find the best 100% free VPN Which offers Fast speed & the Best VPN for Android. Let’s Begin.

free download of VPN for android 



free download of VPN for Android

  1. Windscribe VPN:  This is one of the best free VPN for android. Windscribe Offers Free 10GB Per Month which is more than enough to browse the internet. Although it is less know you can trust this VPN with your data. Windscribe VPN Offers a very fast & secure connection.  Windscribe Is One of the most secure free VPNs & it is one of those Premium VPN which offers free Limited Data per month. You can also subscribe to their premium plan. Remember that you have to verify your email address to get 10GB of data per month.

       free download of VPN for android – Windscribe VPN


free download of VPN for Android

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      2.Hotspot Shield Free VPN Proxy & Secure VPN: This is also a   free good VPN for android.  I also            trust this VPN but it has a speed limit for the highest speed you will get is 2mbps. It uses a different approach          to give more minutes for connection. You have to watch an advertisement to get an extra ten minutes. You                 can watch as many ads as you want. Hotspot Shield Free VPN Proxy & Secure VPN is quite reliable as           it was featured in Techcrunch. It is relatively slower than Winscribe. But You can get any number of minutes            you want by watching ads. It is quite good for browsing purposes.

        free download of VPN for android – Hotspot Shield Free VPN Proxy & Secure VPN


free download of VPN for Android

3. HideMe: This Vpn is very similar to Windscribe VPN as it also offers 10GB per month. HideMe                        Guarantees that it does not track users’ data and activities and does not sell you data which is a plus point for           any VPN. HideMe can be set up very easily. But the main downside is that is not available in all countries. 

         free download of VPN for android – Hideme


free download of VPN for Android


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        4. Proton VPN: Lastly Proton VPN  and you can use it if you want unlimited data. It was developed by the           same developer as ProtonMail. Although there is no data limit your speed may take a hit when there are a lot           of users online at the same time. It also promises data anonymity and does not track users.

         free download of VPN for android – Proton VPN



Conclusion: There are a lot of free VPNs in the market but I trust the Windscribe VPN & HideMe the most, you can use other VPNs too but do a little research before using any free VPN. Don’t use any VPN that is completely free such as turbo VPN. If you want speed and more data then you can use tunnel bear or Surfshark VPN Or Express VPN as well.

But if you want to use a free but relatively faster than normal free VPN then you can go for Windscribe (10GB per month). Always use a paid VPN if you giving some sensitive information although you can trust Windscribe still it’s better to be safe than sorry. If you don’t have a VPN then don’t even use public Wifi to pay for something or give any sensitive information, rather use your own networks such as your cellular or personal wifi.

Note: Never Use a free VPN if you are going to use it for something very Sensitive or very personal. find out Why Free Vpn is dangerous.

free download of VPN for android –  List of Free VPNs

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