What is CalyxOS? – CalyxOS Features


What is CalyxOS? CalyxOs is An Operating System that is based on Android OS. Calyx os is an Android Operating System with some extra privacy features or you could say it eliminates the fact that Google has control over your personal data.  CalyxOS is a privacy-based Operating System for Mobile. CalyxOs is a ‘de-googled’ Android OS. The main focus of CalyxOs is to protect your … Read more

What are Google Chrome Extensions? – 10 Best Chrome Extensions

What are Google Chrome Extensions

What are Google Chrome Extensions? Google Chrome Extensions are software programs or addons that can be added to Chrome in order to add some extra functionalities to the chrome browser.  Generally, Google Chrome Extensions are based on web technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. It enables users to customize Chrome for a better browsing … Read more