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How to Add WordPress Widgets in Pages

Often overlooked by WordPress users and Developers, WordPress Widgets can be very useful sometimes. If you’re still don’t know anything about Widgets …

How to Create a Custom Menu With Elementor For Free

Being a leading website builder, Elementor comes with many useful features but did you know you can Create a Custom Menu With Elementor …

Array Methods in Javascript

Javascript offers many Array Method for us to use. However, many methods don’t necessarily mean easy. Instead, many beginners confuse one array …

Top 5 Best Lazy Load Plugins For WordPress ( Free)

If you want to make your WordPress website faster, you should consider using a Lazy loading & Image compression plugin. Therefore, In …

Most Popular Plugins For WordPress

Using WordPress comes with many advantages, and Plugins are one of them. With WordPress, you get access to almost 55k+ free plugins …

Best Google Maps Plugins

There is a high probability that you have used Google maps at least once. If you are building a WordPress website for …

How to Disable Comments in WordPress

The majority of content creators use WordPress as their main content creation or management tool (blogging). But once you post a blog …

Four Ways to Make an API Call in Javascript

In this article, You will learn how to make an API call in javascript. As a developer, you should know how to deal …

What are The Different Types of Websites? - Its Structures

If you are a web developer, there are a couple of things that are not compulsory to know but it will give …

Essential addons for Elementor Review

If you use Elementor, then you probably know that there are many Add ons or plugins for Elementor. Essentials Addons is one …

Easiest Way To Create a Bootstrap 2 Column Form

Bootstrap makes it fairly easy to use and style Forms in Html, However Not many of us know how to create Bootstrap …

How to Install WordPress Themes

I know that even though we talk about advanced stuff about WordPress & Web development, I still find many people or beginners …

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