10 Most Popular Plugins For WordPress

Using WordPress comes with many advantages, and Plugins are one of them. With WordPress, you get access to almost 55k+ free plugins and various premium plugins as well. Out of those 55+ free plugins, we are going to discuss the 10 Most Popular Plugins For WordPress (In depth).

If You are using WordPress for a while, then you might be familiar with some or almost all of the plugins in this list. Still, let us explore the top ten most popular plugins for WordPress.

10 Most Popular Plugins For WordPress

These plugins are well-liked because of various factors and frequent updates are one of them. Most of the popular plugins are maintained by renowned developers.

Most Popular Plugins For WordPress
  1. Contact Form 7
  2. Yoast SEO
  3. Jetpack 
  4. Akismet
  5. Elementor
  6. WooCommerce
  7. Wordfence Security
  8. MonsterInsights
  9. All in One SEO Pack
  10. WPForms

1. Contact Form 7

By Takayuki Miyoshi

Active installations:5+ million

Contact Form 7 is the most popular plugin for WordPress. Contact Form 7 can be difficult to set up as it is not so beginner-friendly. It supports, CAPTCHA, Akismet spam filtering, Ajax-powered submitting, etc. It is highly extensible and open-source. There are many Contact Form 7 Extensions & Add-ons available as well. 

10 Best Contact Form 7 Extensions & Add-ons

1. Honeypot for Contact Form 7

2.Contact Form 7 Free PayPal & Stripe Add-on

3. Contact Form 7 MailChimp Extension

4. Contact Form 7 Multi-Step Forms

5. Contact Form 7 Skins

6.ReCaptcha v2 for Contact Form 7

7. Material Design for Contact Form 7

8. Redirection for Contact Form 7

9. Conditional Fields for Contact Form 7

10. Controls for Contact Form 7 (Analytics & Tracking)

Note: Contact form 7 can slow down your WP website as it tends to consume a lot of resources. It doesn’t follow drag-and-drop form building which is a big disadvantage. You will need some HTML to customize the CF7.

2.Yoast SEO 

By Team Yoast

Active installations:5+ million

With 5+ million active installations, Yoast SEO is the most popular SEO plugin for WordPress. Yoast is one of the best SEO plugins for WordPress. Yoast SEO plugin is loved by WordPress users and developers from all around the world. 

Almost every blogger uses Yoast as their primary SEO plugin. It allows you to optimize the SEO of your WordPress Website (pages & posts). Yoast enables you to add meta description, slug, SEO title, the alt attributes of your images, etc. 

It also gives detailed reports of posts and pages based on their readability. Overall It is a good SEO Plugin but it is not the best one. And If you are planning to buy the pro version of Yoast ( $89/year), Please don’t.  

While Yoast is a great SEO plugin but It is not the best, Why you may ask?

Well, Most of the Yoast features are basic or doesn’t worth paying for. Yoast also makes your WordPress site slow. I would highly recommend you to use Rank Math instead. Rank Math offers many premium features for free. Rank Math is also lightweight. You can put up to 3 focused words & redirection on the free version of Rank Math. You can try both of them and decide.


By Automattic

Active installations:5+ million

With 5+ million active installations, Jetpack is the second most popular plugin for WordPress.Jetpack is one of the best all-in-one or multipurpose plugins. It offers many useful features to keep your website safe & fast.

Among its various features, a few notable features are security, CDN, Backup, Performace optimization, Spam filtration, Brute force attack protection & malware scanning, Lazy Load, Automated Social media posting, and more.  

It can be the perfect choice if you are looking for one plugin that will keep your WP site optimized & secure. As mentioned earlier Jetpack comes with various features but some of its features are paid.

4. Akismet

By Automattic

Active installations: 5+ million

Akismet is one of the most popular anti-spam plugins for WordPress.Akismet keeps your WordPress site safe from spammers. It automatically checks all comment entries and filters out the ones that look like spam. 

It offers many useful features such as the number of approved comments for each user, status history, a global database of spam, revealing hidden or misleading links, etc.

Although Akismet is a great anti-spam plugin, It is not the best (in my opinion). A huge number of spam comments are manually submitted by human users, and this type of spam can easily bypass filtration.  

The main drawback of the Akismet plugin is that you have to buy the premium version if you are not running a non-commercial or personal blog. Basically, You could say that Akismet isn’t free. The paid subscription starts at $10 and goes up to $250.

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5. Elementor

By Elementor.com

Active installations:5+ million

With 5+ million active installations, Elementor is the most popular free page builder for WordPress. It is probably the best drag & drop website builder for WordPress. Elementor offers a clean and beginner-friendly interface. Elementor comes with tons of features. 

Notable features –
  • Fast website development
  • Responsive live editing
  • Free templates 
  • 40+ free widgets
  • Beginner-friendly
  • various free addons and plugins available 

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Notable free widgets –
  • Video
  • Text Editor
  • Image
  • Image Box
  • Image Carousel
  • Image Gallery
  • Counter 
  • Progress Bar
  • HTML
  • Google Maps
  • Accordion

Although Elementor is one of the most Popular Plugins For WordPress, It might slow down your website by loading extra junk or CSS, js files. By the way, I adore Elementor.


By Automattic

Active installations:5+ million

It is not a surprise that WooCommerce is one of the most popular Plugins For WordPress. Being the world’s most popular open-source eCommerce solution, WooCommerce is no less than a wonder in the WordPress community. If you are looking for the easiest eCommerce solution, WooCommerce is the perfect choice for you. 

Woocommerce is a free & flexible eCommerce platform. Woo makes it very easy to build an eCommerce store. Woocommerce lets you customize your online store without any problem. WooCommerce makes it very easy to add a new product, Shipping details, various payment methods, and many more. There are also many add-ons and plugins available for WooCommerce.

You can also export your Shopify store to WooCommerce by using services like Cart2Cart. You have full control over the ownership of your store’s content and data.

The only major drawback of Woocommerce is that it slows down your WordPress or puts a heavy load on the server. I would recommend you to go for a good hosting plan as Woocommerce is resource hungry. You can try Bluehost.

10 Best WooCommerce Plugins For WordPress 

1.WooCommerce Cart

2. Checkout Field Editor

3. Enhanced Ecommerce Google Analytics Plugin for WooCommerce

4.WooCommerce Print Invoices & Packing Lists

5.WooCommerce Multi-Currency


7.WooCommerce Wishlists

8.WooCommerce Quick View

9. Dynamic Pricing

10. Shipment Tracking

7. Wordfence Security

By Wordfence

Active installations: 4+ million

Wordfence Security is also one of the Most Popular Plugins For WordPress. Wordfence is one of the best security plugins for WordPress. It keeps your WordPress website secure by providing a firewall and malware scanner. It gives a detailed report once the scan is complete.

Why is Wordfence Security so Popular?

There are many reasons which justify the popularity of Wordfence. Here are some of them – 

  1. It is one of the most robust & powerful security plugins.
  2. It comes with a powerful scanning tool.
  3. It provides protection against backdoors, SEO spam, malicious and suspicious code, MySQL injection, etc.
  4. It can also monitor real-time traffic.

Although Wordfence is a capable security plugin for WordPress, It makes your Website slow as it put a heavy load on your server. It also makes your database slow by adding extra data. The user interface is not beginner-friendly as well. The best alternative to Wordfence Security is iThemes Security.

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By MonsterInsights

Active installations: 3+ million

With 3+ million active installations, MonsterInsights holds the spot of the most popular Google Analytics plugin for WordPress & It is also one of the most popular plugins For WordPress. MonsterInsight offers detailed reports/analytics of traffic on your website. After connecting monsterinsight with Google Analytics, You can view Total Pageviews, Sessions, and many more from your WordPress Dashboard. Overall MonsterInsight is a powerful analytics tool for WordPress.

Note Just a few plugins in the list, MonsterInsight might make your website slow as it requires a lot of resources.

9. All in One SEO Pack

By All in One SEO Team

Active installations: 3+ million

Another SEO plugin on the list, AIOSEO is one of the best & top-rated SEO plugins for WordPress. Unlike Yoast, AIOSEO is a lightweight plugin. It offers an easy user interface and a comprehensive SEO guide for beginners. It offers many SEO-related features such as various sitemaps, readability analysis, TruSEO, Redirection manager, Unlimited SEO Keywords, Automatic Image SEO,Robots.txt Editor, and many more.

 With AIOSEO, you can create four different types of sitemap – 

  1. XML Sitemap
  2. Video SEO Sitemap
  3. News SEO Sitemap 
  4. RSS SEO Sitemap 

Unlimited SEO Keywords: It lets you optimize your pages for unlimited keywords.

TruSEO: It is a great feature for optimizing your SEO. It provides detailed content & readability analysis for in-depth SEO optimization.

According to me, AIOSEO is way better than Yoast SEO. And it is very similar to Rank Math.


By WPForms

Active installations:5+ million

Another good form plugin, WPforms is one of the most popular form plugins. However, it is not like WPforms is the best form builder. WPforms offers more limitations than features. However, WPForms is a powerful & robust form builder plugin. You can even save form entries with the free version of WPforms. Most of the features are paid, therefore I don’t recommend it.

5 Best WPForms Alternatives 

1. Forminator

2. Happyforms

3.Ninja Forms

4. Formidable Form Builder

5. Everest Forms

Conclusion: Please be careful before choosing any Plugin. They might be one of the Most Popular Plugins For WordPress, but It doesn’t mean that they are the best in that specific category. I didn’t include the Really Simple SSL and Classic Editor as those two are optional.

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