is AMD or Intel Processor Better in 2021?

The never-ending argument of AMD VS Intel, In this article I will try to cover this topic as briefly as possible. I know I can’t really cover this huge argument in few sentences but still, I will try my best to keep it concise or to the point. Whether you are a gaming or a causal user, You should try to look for the best processor or component for your pc, Therefore if you’re interested then stick around.

What will I cover? AMD or intel processor better?

2.AMD vs Intel in gaming

3.Which is the best value for money AMD or Intel? 

Intel’s strengths: 
  1. Very power efficient.
  2. can run for a longer period without heating up.
  3. Intel tends to have better single-core performance.
  4. Mostly used for flagship PC
AMD’s Strengths:
  1. Very Affordable and suitable for budget PC and budget gaming. Gaming has been even smoother after Zen.
  2. Offers better relatively Higher Clock Speed.
  3. Offers more Cores and Threads.
  4. Most of the AMD processors are unlocked meaning you can overclock them easily.
  5. Provide relatively better multi-core performance.
  6. Provide better integrated Graphics ( Vega Graphics).
  7. Very cost-effective.

is AMD or intel processor better? 

AMD vs Intel in gaming

 — Before 2017 —

All PC enthusiasts or Gamers always stress two things one is the GPU and the other is the CPU. With only two chip or processor manufacturers in the market (AMD & Intel), most of us get confused about whether to pick Intel or AMD. In the early stages Although AMD was cheaper, it was less efficient than Intel. When resulted in generating more heat and created heat issues for AMD, whereas despite being more expensive than AMD, Intel generated less amount heat, therefore, Intel’s processors were more efficient than AMD”s processor.

Before 2017 AMD processors used the Bulldozer Series which was one of the biggest disasters for AMD, The first Bulldozer CPUs received a heavy critical response and even a Lawsuit against AMD which were responsible for the critical image of AMD. Meanwhile, Intel’s Marketing strategies were really good. Although Intel has been accused of anti-competitive tactics many times. I bet you have heard the phrase “Intel inside” hundreds of times if not thousands. Many of the intel’s dirty tactics and anti-trust activities have been hidden from the general public or it was. Rather than innovating Intel started paying billions of dollars to laptop manufacturers such as DELL, HP, etc. Intel is not the same chip manufacturer as it used to be. We get that being a processor designer and manufacturer at the same time is hard therefore Intel needs to put their pride in the closet and admit what require and proceed accordingly. One thing is for sure the chip business is quite risky.

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AMD’s FX-8150 performed poorly in benchmark when even struggled to beat Intel’s second-generation Core I* series processors and it was found that even AMD’s previous-gen processor such as Phenom II X6 at lower clock speeds could match or even outperform FX-8150. Although over-clocking power of these processors was incredible (Record: Team Finland’s Stilt achieved a maximum CPU frequency of 8.722 GH of FX-8150). 

But the main problem was the performance. At that time Kaby Lake processors were performing quite well and many budget gamers even preferred to go for the popular Kaby Lake processor “Pentium G4560” which was very affordable and performed quite well while gaming. Many of the Tech enthusiasts preferred Intel’s Kabylake or 7th Gen over AMD’s FX series.

learn More about bulldozer series failure – here

  — After 2017 — 

Intel’s market share was increasing and AMD was struggling. AMD was still struggling after Lisa Su became the CEO of AMD. But in 2017, AMD introduced the Ryzen (based on zen architecture) line-up which was a game-changer for the chip industry. The AMD Ryzen series offered great value for money and performance.

 AMD Ryzen’s first-gen started to make AMD great again. Meanwhile, Intel introduced Coffee Lake in 2017. Although Coffee Lake was capable enough still the price to performance ratio was bad. AMD’s flagship Threadripper 3990X which with 64 cores and 128 threads outperformed all Intel’s chips and made it the first choice for high-end PCs. AMD’s Zen brought huge improvements to its chips one of those improvements is the single-core performance. 

 Although AMD did not win instantly still the difference got much smaller. If we compare Intel’s 9600k and AMD’s Ryzen 3600 the difference in single-core performance was relatively smaller. Before Intel Knew The AMD’s Ryzen or zen-based processor started dominating the market. Although Intel tried to provide lower-cost processors AMD was one step ahead of intel.

AMD’s Zen processors did just provide consumers very good performance for a low price but also provided the assurance of future support for Zen socket-based motherboards. AMD’s New APUs with Vega Graphics also become quite popular as it was very suitable for those who wanted to game on CPU’s integrated graphics and add a GPU later on.

 In 2018, AMD released 2nd gen of zen named zen+, Then In 2019, AMD released the third-gen, and so on. even now date Zen processors rule the chip market. Big Companies like HP started using AMD for their medium-range and even some premium-range laptops.

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AMD vs Intel in gaming

AMD vs Intel in gaming

It’s hard to recommend Intel nowadays if even though Intel is better in some aspects while gaming.

Well, The short answer is “AMD” but the long answer is “it is complicated”. 

For gaming AMD is the best, from the beginning, AMD had a solid image among gamers. If you are a gaming enthusiast and on a budget then AMD is the way to go for AMD as it is the best for value for money. 

For Casual users, an APU or a Ryzen would be perfect and AMD provides the ability to overclock to get the most out of the processor, and it also provides more core and thread compared to intel which can be good for games that might require more cores. 

Although there are many good intel processors still I preferred the team red as it provides more cores which is a good thing (future proof, I guess :)) and value for your money. But if you want to run your pc for a longer period then you can prefer Intel although nowadays AMD also runs relatively cooler. If you want to spend more money on your GPU then An AMD processor would be a great choice. 

Which is the best value for money AMD or Intel? 

As you might my response by now. It’s AMD. AMD provides the best value for money. Intel has always been on the expensive side.

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 Verdict: Although AMD is better in many ways, It doesn’t mean that Intel is not bad at all. Please do some research before buying Any CPU as you never which of these two companies might have the upper hand while you are buying the CPU. Please Do Your Research before buying anything. 

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