How to Use Elementor Template in 2022

Being a leading page builder, Elementor comes with tons of features.
And Elementor template is one of those amazing features. However, Some of you might not know How to Use Elementor Template. Hence, In this article, we will learn just that.

Overview –

  1. What is a Template in WordPress?
  2. How to Use Elementor Templates? 2.2 How to Save A Page or Section As A Template?
  3. Best Free Template Plugins for Elementor

1. What is a Template in WordPress?

In WordPress, Templates are mainly page layout that comes with WordPress themes. A template defines how your website will look, however, it doesn’t define the design of the whole site. In other words, templates are single-page layouts without the footer or header. 

Note: Most WP themes come with two separate templates for the Header and footer. 

A WordPress theme can contain multiple or any number of templates. But Most WordPress themes come with some default templates. And They are given below – 

  1. Main Template: index.php defines the main section/page of the website.
  2.  Header: header.php defines the header section of the website.
  3. Footer: footer.php defines the footer section.
  4. Sidebar: sidebar.php defines the template for the sidebar area.
  5. Comments: comments.php defines the template comment form and comment section.

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2. How to Use Elementor Templates

You will be able to use Elementor templates properly by following the steps given below, Assuming you know how to use Elementor – 

Step- 1 

How to Use Elementor Template

To add a Template First, Go to WP Dashboard, Then go to Templates Add New. 

Step – 2

How to Use Elementor Template

The given window will appear, you need to “Choose Template Type and give it a name“. Here I’m creating a template for a page, You can choose any of them (landing page, section).

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Step – 3

Now click on “Create Template” And start editing the template.

Step – 4 

How to Use Elementor Template

Once you have finished designing the template. Click on “Publish“.

Step – 5

How to Use Elementor Template

Now, Edit a page with Elementor, You can import/insert the template you just created. To insert your template, click on the “grey file icon” as shown. 

Step – 6 

How to Use Elementor Template

Now go to “My Templates” and click on the “insert” button & apply the setting. And your template will be inserted into that page. Now you know How to Use Elementor Template.

2.2 How to Save A Page or Section As A Template

To save a page or section as a template, then open a page with Elementor. Once you have finished working on the page or section. Follow the steps given below.

Step – 1 

How to Save A Page or Section As A Template

After Designing a page or section, Click on the arrow beside the “Publish or Update” button. 

Step – 2 

How to Save A Page or Section As A Template

Now click on Save as Template.

Step – 3

How to Save A Page or Section As A Template

Give the template a name & click on save.

3.5 Best Free Template Plugins for Elementor 

 Using a Template Plugin with Elementor can speed up the development process drastically. It’s never a good choice to start from scratch if you’re developing a website for your client or company. You can import a template with one click and customize them according to your liking. There are a lot of free template plugins and here are some of them.

1. Starter Templates — Elementor, WordPress & Beaver Builder Templates

2. Templately – Templates Cloud for Elementor & Gutenberg

3.Envato Elements – Photos & Elementor Templates

4. WPZOOM Addons for Elementor

5. SKT Templates

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1. Starter Templates

With over 1+ million, Starter Templates is the most popular Template Plugin for Elementor. Starter templates include templates for a wide variety of businesses and websites such as shops, eCommerce stores, dental clinics, agencies, fitness trainers, pet services, construction, restaurants, etc. You can easily import a ready-made with one click. It comes with almost 600+ website templates and blocks.

Starter Templates plugin offers templates for Elementor, Beaver Builder, and Gutenberg. It offers so many ready-made templates for Elementor. It’s a must have plugin if you’re using Elementor. This is probably the best Elementor template plugin. It works the best with the Astra theme.

2. Templately 

Templately is one of the Best Free Template Plugins for Elementor. With 200,000+ active installations, Templately is yet another great Elementor template plugin. It comes with a huge library of professional and stunning-looking templates for Elementor. It offers almost 2000 stunning ready Elementor templates & 200+ full website template packs. It also offers blocks for headers, footers, and sections. You have to install  Essential Addons to use templately properly. 

3. Envato Elements

Envato is known for many things (from themes to photos), And this plugin is from the Envato team. It has over 700,000active installations and it is also one of the Best Free Template Plugins for Elementor. It comes with a lot of templates & blocks. 

4. WPZOOM Addons for Elementor

With 10,000+ active installations, WPZOOM is a lesser-known Free Template Plugin. But it doesn’t mean it’s a bad plugin. WPZOOM is a templates plugin + addons (widgets) for elementor. 

5. SKT Templates

SKT Templates is a template plugin for Elementor & Gutenberg. It comes with templates for different niches and businesses such as personal, blog, fitness, medical, spa & salon, etc.

Conclusion : 

While it is easy to use templates with Elementor, Sometimes big templates don’t import properly on a page and it leads to a broken layout kind of a thing. You can avoid this by using templates with less number of sections. 

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