How To Make Blob Shapes With Just One Click

How To Make Blob Shapes With Just One Click

What is a blob? 

No, I’m not talking about either Binary Large Object (BLOB) or Water Blob. Here I’m talking about the spherical-type object or odd-shaped object which designers or developers use in their web projects to make their designs stand out. Blobs are kind of trendy for UI designers these days.

Blob Shapes are mainly used as SVG(Scalable Vector Graphics). To be honest, blobs are pretty hard to explain by words. Therefore please take a look at the image or illustration (given below). 

Learn What is SVG?

I’m going to give you two free websites to make a blob shape with just one click.

You can create blobs with any illustrator, but why use an illustrator when we have these websites.

How To Make a Blob


Let’s start with blobmaker by z creative labs, Blobmaker is one of those websites which lets you create blob shapes (SVG) for free with just one click.

1.Got to blobmaker

2. Now, change the HEX code if you want to, Here I’m going to use #FF0066(Default).

How To Make a Blob

3. You can play with these different options to get the desired shape.

How To Make a Blob

4.You can either get the code or download the SVG. Here I’m going to get the SVG code. Now you know how to create blob shapes with just one click.

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How to use

The process of using the is also quite similar to blobmaker. But it comes with some extra features such as gradient, pattern, Image, Outline.

1. Go to

How To Make Blob Shapes

2. Then you can change the color or make it gradient.

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3.It also lets you control the Randomness and Complexity of the blob.

How To Make Blob Shapes With Just One Click

4.  Click on the code icon to download the code or the SVG file.

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If you want more control over the blob shapes, then you can do that by editing the blob SVG with tools like XD and Figma. But creating a blob shape has never been easier.

Happy Designing! 🙂

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