How to Install WordPress Themes? – An Easy Guide 2022

I know that even though we talk about advanced stuff about WordPress & Web development, I still find many people or beginners asking How to Install WordPress Themes & How to Delete WordPress themes.

Although we cover advanced topics, It never hurts to cover some basic things about WordPress once in a while. Therefore in this article, we are going to cover some basics things related to WordPress Themes.

Table of Content 

  • What are WordPress themes?
  • How to Install WordPress themes?
  • How to delete WordPress themes?
  • Few Questions related to WP Themes

What are WordPress Themes?

A WordPress theme is a folder of PHP, CSS stylesheet, Javascript files that lets you change the layout and design of your WP website. A theme determines the look or appearance of your website.

When you install WordPress for the first time, it comes with a default theme installed. You can easily change that theme. We will discuss this later in this article. A theme changes the appearance of the whole website from pages to blog posts.

Different themes offer different appearances and features, Most themes work the same way.

There are mainly two types of themes – 1. Niche Themes, 2. Multipurpose

  1.  Niche Themes: These types of themes are created to be used by a specific niche or industry. 
  2. Multipurpose Themes: These types of themes are created to be used by multiple niches and industries.

You can find numerous free themes from WordPress Directory. You can also buy premium themes from marketplaces like Themeforest & Templatemonster.

10 Best Free WordPress Themes in 2021 

This is my personal list of some of the best free WordPress themes in 2021.




4. Neve


6. Hestia



9. Storefront

10. Sydney

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How to Install WordPress Themes?

There are mainly two ways to install themes in WordPress, and they are 1. Installing From WP Directory. 2. Installing by Uploading a Zipped file.

1. How to Install WordPress Themes from WP Directory?

We generally use this method to install free themes available on the WordPress directory.

Step 1

How to Install WordPress Themes
Open your WordPress dashboard > Go to Appearance > Themes (click on themes)

Step 2

How to Install WordPress Themes

Now click on the Add New button.

Step 3

How to Install WordPress Themes

Find a theme you like, then hover your mouse over that theme and click on Activate button or you can click on the theme and then click the install button on the top left corner. The theme should start installing. Once installed, click on activate to activate the theme.

How to Install WordPress Themes

Once activated, You should see something like this (active: theme name), here I have installed the GeneratePress. Now you can customize your WP site with the new theme.

2. How to Install WordPress Themes by Uploading a Zipped file?

We generally use this method for installing premium themes.

Step 1

Again  WordPress dashboard > Go to Appearance > Themes (click on themes) > Click on Add New.

Step 2

How to Install WordPress Themes

Now you have to click on the Upload Theme button (top left corner) beside Add Themes (as shown above).

Step 3

How to delete WordPress themes

Click on Choose File and choose the theme file. and click on install. The theme will start installing.

How to Install WordPress Themes

Once installed successfully, click on Activate.

Note: If your uploaded theme fails to install, your theme might be corrupted, or try unzipping it and look for the main theme folder and upload it. Many theme folder includes documentation, license, etc. 

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How to Delete WordPress Themes?

Now that you know How to Install WordPress Themes, You should also How to Delete WordPress Themes. 

Note: Don’t ever delete the active theme.

Step 1 

Again Go to WP Dashboard > Appearance > Themes. 

Step 2 

How to Delete WordPress themes?

Click on the theme that you want to delete. Here, I will be deleting the Twenty Nineteen theme.

Step 3 

How to Delete WordPress themes?

Now, look for the Delete button at the bottom right corner (as shown above). Click on  Delete to delete the theme.

Few Questions related to WP Themes

Here, I will address few basic questions related to WordPress Themes.

Are WordPress Themes Customizable?

Well, Yes, but it differs from theme to theme. Some themes offer high customization and some themes offer very little customization. You should also pick a theme with high customization.

Are WordPress Themes Responsive?

Yes, Nowadays most WordPress themes are responsive, however, few outdated themes are not responsive. Always test the theme before activating or buying. Don’t just buy because a theme looks good, check if the theme is optimized and responsive first.

If you like a theme and it doesn’t explicitly say responsive, then you can check the documentation or you can open up the dev tools on your browser (chrome). You can also try it on your tablet or mobile.

Does WordPress Have Free Themes?

Does WordPress Have free themes?

Yes, There are almost 8500+ free themes available on (as of now). You can use any of them for free.

List of 50 Best Free Themes For WordPress  

Unlike the top 10 list above, this list is based on the Overall Performance of the theme.

No.Theme NameInstallations (Oct,2021)
1GeneratePress Active Installations: 400,000+
2AstraActive Installations: 1+ million
3OceanWPActive Installations: 700,000+
4NeveActive Installations: 300,000+
5Hestia Active Installations: 100,000+
6ZakraActive Installations: 60,000+
7Twenty Twenty-OneActive Installations: 1+ million
8Twenty SeventeenActive Installations: 900,000+
9 Twenty NineteenActive Installations: 1+ million
10 Twenty TwentyActive Installations: 900,000+
11KadenceActive Installations:  60,000+
12Blocksy Active Installations:  40,000+
13BravadaActive Installations: 10,000+
14CustomizrActive Installations:  70,000+
15FlashActive Installations:  30,000+
16VirtueActive Installations:  40,000+
17Hello ElementorActive Installations:  700,000+
18Colibri WPActive Installations:  50,000+
19StorefrontActive Installations: 200,000+
20BriteActive Installations: 2,000+
21AiriActive Installations: 20,000+
22 VantageActive Installations: 70,000+
23News PortalActive Installations: 10,000+
24AsheActive Installations: 60,000+
25CustomifyActive Installations: 50,000+
26PopularFXActive Installations: 90,000+
27AccessPress ParallaxActive Installations: 9,000+
28 Page Builder FrameworkActive Installations: 40,000+
29MesmerizeActive Installations: 40,000+
30SpaciousActive Installations: 50,000+
31Orchid StoreActive Installations :  10,000+
32Blossom TravelActive Installations :  7,000+
33One Page ExpressActive Installations :  20,000+
34 Madd MagazineActive Installations: 2,000+
35RadiateActive Installations :  10,000+
36InspiroActive Installations: 9,000+
37ArileWPActive Installations: 2,000+
38OnePressActive Installations: 90,000+
39GoActive Installations: 80,000+
40VilvaActive Installations: 6,000+
41HemingwayActive Installations: 20,000+
42HuemanActive Installations: 50,000+
43BlogBellActive Installations: 1,000+
44BentoActive Installations :  8,000+
45ActivelloActive Installations :  10,000+
46FuturioActive Installations :  20,000+
47ResponsiveActive Installations :  40,000+
48 ScreenrActive Installations : 10,000+
49TotalActive Installations: 60,000+
50PhloxActive Installations: 40,000+

Now you know How to Install WordPress Themes. As discussed earlier be careful while choosing a theme & Never delete the active theme.

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