How to Disable Comments in WordPress in 2022

The majority of content creators use WordPress as their main content creation or management tool (blogging). But once you post a blog on your website it doesn’t take much time to get some spam and vulgar comment. To tackle the spamming we can disable the default WordPress comment section from your posts. In this article, you will learn How to Disable Comments in WordPress Safely.

Disabling Comments in WordPress can be tricky or an easy task as it depends on how well you know WordPress. But don’t worry, this article will guide you through the process of disabling comments on your WordPress posts or pages. I will show you how to disable comments in WordPress on specific posts or pages.

The comment section can be a great place to engage users and writers. However, sometimes it can a problematic for Website owners. 

How to Disable Comments in WordPress

Reasons why you might want to disable comments on your WordPress site 

1. To stop or block spam comments (You can use a plugin to prevent spam).

2. To stop vulgar comments.

3. Prevent suspicious links

4. To stop too many people from discussing irrelevant topics.


  • Disable WordPress Comment Sitewide.
  • Disable Comments on a Specific Page or Post.
  • How to Disable Comments in WordPress Without any Plugin.
  • Best Anti-Spam WordPress Plugins.

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 Disable WordPress Comment Globally using a Plugin

There are certain scenarios where you might want to disable WordPress Comment for your whole site or sitewide. Follow this process to Disable WordPress Comment Sitewide with just one click.

How to Disable Comments in WordPress

Step 1: Install & activate Disable Comments – Remove Comments plugin

How to Disable Comments in WordPress

Step 2: Once the plugin is Activated, Click on the “configuration page” or go to Setting > Disable Comments.

Disable Comments in WordPress

Step 3:  Select  Everywhere: Disable comments globally on your entire website (This will disable comments sitewide).

How to Disable Comments in WordPress

Step 4: click on the save changes button.

This is one of the easiest ways to disable comments on WordPress (SiteWide).

How to Disable Comments in WordPress

You can also select On Specific Post Types to disable comments in bulk.

How to Disable Comments in WordPress

You can delete comments in bulk with  Disable Comments – Remove Comments plugin. This plugin makes it very easy to manage your comments. To delete comments, follow this process.

Go to Disable Comments – Remove Comments plugin’s delete tab (as shown above).

Now just like disabling comments, we have to select any of these three according to your liking.

  1. Everywhere
  2. On Certain Post Types
  3. Delete Certain Comment Types:

Note: Remember to read the warnings while disabling or deleting the comments. If you want to delete comments temporarily, then make sure to take a database backup.

How to Disable Comments in WordPress Without any Plugin.

If you have hundreds of posts and pages, then you have to use the above mention plugin otherwise, you have to do it manually one by one. This process is efficient if you have a small number of posts.

Step 1: Open your WP dashboard & click on the “edit” button of any page or post. 

How to Disable Comments in WordPress Without any Plugin.

Step 2: Navigate the “discussion” tab on the right bottom as shown above. Now uncheck (if checked) the “allow comment”.  

Step 3:Click on Update or publish (for new posts). 

Comments Are Closed

Learn About –

How to Hide “Comments Are Closed

This will disable comments on that particular post or page. You can also enable comments anytime.

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Best Anti-Spam WordPress Plugins

Best Anti-Spam WordPress Plugins

Spammers are everywhere on the internet. If you are a website owner, then it becomes very important to avoid spammers as much as possible. The first thing you should do to avoid spammers is to use a good Anti-Spam Plugin

There are instances where website owners got tons of spam comments right after publishing their first post. Let us know about some of the Best Anti-Spam WordPress Plugins to avoid spam. If a spammer notices you are vulnerable to spam, he might assume your website has weak security and target your site with malicious attacks.

1. Akismet

2.CleanTalk Anti Spam

3. Antispam Bee

4.Titan Anti-spam & Security

5.WordPress Zero Spam

1. Akismet

With over five million downloads, Akismet By Automattic is the most popular anti-spam plugin for WordPress.Akismet checks its huge global database of spam to determine whether a comment is spam or not. Akismet filters out all comments that look like spam. 

It also allows the admin to see any hidden or misleading links in the comment body. You can see the number of approved comments for each user as well.

This plugin is free for a nonprofit and personal site. But you have to pay at least $5 per month if you’re running a commercial site. It also requires an API key.

2.CleanTalk Anti Spam

CleanTalk is one of the best anti-spam plugins for WordPress.This plugin is unique as it doesn’t use CAPTCHA, so there are no puzzles, questions, or math for your visitors to solve. It makes sure to block any kind of spam entry on your site. It also lets you stop spam in Search Form, disable comments, etc. This plugin requires a paid cloud subscription service for its spam filtering to work, It can be a deal-breaker for some.

3. Antispam Bee

Antispam Bee plugin is an easy to set up Anti-spam plugin for WordPress. Unlike the top 2, Antispam Bee has a free version for commercial or personal websites. It can provide standard spam protection for your website. You will also get the daily and monthly statistics of the spam numbers.

4.Titan Anti-spam & Security

As the name suggests, Titan is more like a security suite than an anti-spam plugin. Titan has 100,000+ active installations. Titan’s anti-spam feature checks for spam comments using its global spam database. It also comes with an easy-to-use interface.

5.WordPress Zero Spam

WordPress Zero Spam plugin uses AI with proven spam detection techniques to counter spam. It also follows the no-captcha approach. It also works well with plugins such as Contact Form 7, WooCommerce, Formidable Form Builder, etc. 

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Overall disabling comments can be beneficial for your WordPress website if you get a lot of spam. However, there are a few disadvantages of disabling comments. For an instance, You must have an active comment section to get Adsense approval.

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