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high CPC countries AdSense – QG

Well, sometimes it doesn’t matter what you writing rather which country you are targeting while writing your blog post. At the end of the day, we have to have some kind of earn after hard work.

Hence, today I’m going to talk about Top 10 high CPC countries for AdSense in 2021.

high CPC countries AdSense 2021

What Is AdSense?

AdSense Is advertisement Program run by google which display on website or YouTube videos. When a visitor clicks on you ad you earn money (CPC) and it also pays per 1000 clicks (CPM). AdSense is one of the biggest or probably the biggest ad network in the world. AdSense is used by bloggers and YouTube content creator.

high CPC countries AdSense

You could be writing 1000+ words but earning very little, whereas somebody is earning double or even more with just 500+ words. It’s only because you’re targeting either small audiences or low CPC or CPM Countries. 

Let’s suppose your majority of audiences come from INDIA then you could end up making less money then a blogger having most of it traffic from USA , Even Though he or she has lesser number of audiences than you.

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Before I talk about high CPC countries AdSense, let’s talk about what is CPC & CPM.


CPC stands for Cost Per Click.

Whereas, CPM stands for Cost Per 1000 impressions.

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10 High CPC Country List 2021

        Country                                                  CPC ($)   

Luxembourg –                                          0.65

United States –                                         0.61

Australia –                                                 0.57

United Kingdom –                                   0.48

Finland –                                                    0.45

Canada –                                                    0.45

Austria –                                                    0.45

New Zealand –                                          0.33

Sweden –                                                    0.31

Ireland –                                                      0.31


Conclusion: Whether You want to target the high CPC countries or not it’s totally up to you but always stay loyal to your audiences. That’s what we believe. Thank You For reading. Have a Nice day.

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