Frontend Frameworks Like Bootstrap – 5 Alternatives

Bootstrap offers many things to speed up the development process. But you might face certain limitations while working with Bootstrap or you might want to try a new frontend framework, whatever the reason is, In this article, I will discuss some of the Best Frontend Frameworks Like Bootstrap – Bootstrap Alternatives.

Overview of the post – 

  • What is Bootstrap?
  • Frontend Frameworks Like Bootstrap – 5 Bootstrap Alternatives
  • Reasons to Use Bootstrap 

What is Bootstrap?

Since you are looking for Frontend Frameworks Like Bootstrap, I assume you have a basic idea about Bootstrap. But here is a brief description of Bootstrap. 

Bootstrap is the most popular Free CSS framework. Bootstrap is widely used for developing a responsive and mobile-friendly website. Bootstrap makes the web development process faster and easier as it requires less code. 

Bootstrap comes with HTML and CSS design templates for texts (typography), buttons,forms,modals,tables,etc. It also offers some javascript plugins. It is compatible with most modern browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, and Opera).

Bootstrap follows the Grid System and the grid system is fairly easy to understand. Using the Grid system you can build/develop a responsive website in minutes.  

Frontend Frameworks Like Bootstrap – 5 Bootstrap Alternatives

Frontend Frameworks Like Bootstrap

1. Foundation

2. Materialize

3. Tailwind CSS


5. Material UI

1. Foundation

Foundation is the world’s most advanced responsive front-end framework. Foundation lets you create prototypes and production code quickly. Foundation is known as the framework for any device, medium, and accessibility. Foundation comes with all the necessary components such as buttons, tables, menus, responsive grid, basic typography, etc. If you are searching for Frontend Frameworks Like Bootstrap, you should give the foundation a try. Big companies such as Adobe, Amazon, HP, eBay, etc. use foundation.

2. Materialize

Materialize CSS is my personal favorite as I use it quite often. Materialize is a modern frontend framework based on Material Design by Google. It is very similar to bootstrap, but it incorporates the material design with its framework. It is a great Bootstrap alternative. It comes with many useful components such as buttons, grids, tables, badges, navbar, cards, modals, tabs, forms, etc. It also comes with a carousel / Slider. It provides cool animations and transitions for a better user experience. Just like Bootstrap, Materialize CSS is also easy to use.

3. Tailwind CSS

Tailwind CSS is one of the best Bootstrap alternatives as it is quite popular among developers. Tailwind is highly customizable as you can build your own components easily. This framework is based on the concept of utility classes and all the utility classes are responsive. Some major drawbacks of tailwind are: hard to use, not beginner-friendly, Lack of components, etc. 


Bulma is a CSS framework inspired by Bootstrap. Bulma is a free, open-source, flexbox-based framework. Bulma is one of the best Bootstrap Alternatives. It comes with tons of components for developers to use. Bulma offers quite a few colors by default. It is easy to use and it is also highly customizable (just like bootstrap).  

Since Bulma is a CSS framework, It doesn’t come with any js plugin. It includes normalized CSS, customizable theme, basic typography, helper CSS classes, common UI components such as modals, breadcrumbs, cards, menus, etc. 

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5. Material UI

As the name suggests, Material UI is a material design-based frontend framework. Material UI is very similar to Materialize CSS and a perfect choice for material design lovers. Just like Bootstrap, Material UI is also open source. If you are a React user, you should give Material UI a try. It also comes with many React-based components. It follows the responsive grid system as well.

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5 Reasons to Use Bootstrap 

There are many reasons to use bootstrap over CSS. The frontend community loves bootstrap because of several reasons and most professional web developers prefer bootstrap because of the following reasons – 

1.Easy & Free:

 Bootstrap is easy to learn and Use. Being easy to use makes it very suitable for beginners. You don’t have to learn CSS to use Bootstrap, However, you should at least know the basics of CSS before using Bootstrap. Since Bootstrap is free you can easily include bootstrap in your project. To add Bootstrap to your project or HTML website you can either use CDN links or download bootstrap from the official website. Whether you are an expert or a beginner in web dev, You can easily learn bootstrap and master it.

CDN Links : 

Stylesheet – 

<link rel=”stylesheet” href=””>

Script – 

<script src=””></script>

For more details – getbootstrap

2.Time-Saving :  

 One of the reasons why Bootstrap is widely used is that it saves a lot of time, If you don’t know, writing CSS can be very time-consuming, especially if you’re developing a responsive website. You get to skip media query if you’re using bootstrap. Bootstrap has become an industry-standard because of its faster development.

3.Mobile-First Approach :

Since the majority of internet users access the internet using mobiles or tablets. It become very essential to make your website responsive. Bootstrap follows the mobile-first approach and it makes bootstrap very suitable for developing mobile-first websites or applications. Using bootstrap’s grid system, you can easily create a responsive website effortlessly.

4.Customizable :

Believe it or not, Bootstrap is fairly customizable for any type of project. According to the Project’s requirements, Developers can choose whether to keep a feature or not. You can easily customize by going to the Bootstrap customize page.

5.Huge Community & Support : 

Being the Most Popular Framework, Bootstrap has a big community behind its success. It has over 21,000 commits and over 1000 contributors on Github. You can also expect amazing support from the community if you face any issues.

Conclusion: Although I have included only 5 Frontend Frameworks Like Bootstrap, There are many more Bootstrap Alternatives. If you are bored with Bootstrap, then you can try any of the five Bootstrap alternatives. For Beginners, I will recommend Materialize CSS. If you are an advanced user then you try tailwind or foundation.


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