Best Free Text-Based Themes for WordPress In 2021 – Top 6

If you’re a content creator and thinking about starting a blog, then you should consider using WordPress.WordPress provides a great environment to work in. For Content writers, WordPress is one of the best CMS platforms. WordPress is free and easy to use which makes it very suitable for blogging and content creation

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If you’re here, It means you have already chosen WordPress as your main Content creation tool (or CMS). Now you are searching for the best Best Free text-based WordPress themes for your blog or something like that. In this article, we are going to take a look a the 6 Best Free text based themes for WordPress.

But before we get into that, allow me to explain –  

Best Free text based themes for WordPress

What Makes WordPress So Good For Content Creation?

1. WordPress is SEO friendly.

2. Wodpress offers tons of free plugins for content writers.

3.WordPress is quite easy to manage.

4. WordPress is easily customizable using Plugins and Themes.

5. Unlike Wix and other CMS platforms, WordPress is totally free.

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6. With scheduling plugins, You can easily organize your content plan.

7.With Plugins like Jetpack, you can do social media promotions.

8. WordPress (With plugins) makes it very easy to share your content on different social media platforms. 

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Why choose a text based theme for WordPress?

A text based theme can a good choice for those who like to read an article without any distraction (in a bookish format). As text based themes mainly focus on text based presentation, Those themes are very lightweight, smooth, minimal design, and provide a good user experience for readers.

 Using a text-based theme for WordPress can also help in the optimization of SEO by eliminating excessive or extra code from the website. 

6 Best Free Text Based Themes for WordPress in 2021

1.The Clean Blog

best free text only wordpress themes

Price: Free

The clean blog is one of the best free text only wordpress themes.

The clean blog offers a very minimalist design. It is a fully responsive theme, meaning it will work on devices of every size.

Although it offers three different sidebars, You can either choose to display the sidebar or hide it. (according to your preference).

It is also one of the best text based themes for distraction-free reading.

Notable Features – 
  • Fully Responsive 
  • Offers 25+ different preloading animations
  • Three Different Sidebars
  • Easily customizable

Get Clean Blog

2.Minimal Lite

 Best Free text based themes for WordPress


Minimal Lite is a fully responsive multipurpose text based theme for WordPress.It comes with a masonry layout. Being a multipurpose theme, Minimal Lite can be used for almost any kind of website or blog (blog, fashion, food, travel, personal, photography, publishing, etc.). 

One of the most interesting things about the Minimal Lite is that it comes with a day and night mode switch.

Notable Features – 

Get Minimal Lite


 Best Free text based themes for WordPress

Price: Free

It is one of the best free text based themes for WordPress which focuses on Readability. It also focuses on keeping the readers engaged as it provides a bookish type reading experience. If your main focus is on the readability of the contentthen Typefocus is the right option for you.

It comes with Good White spacing (i.e. It is one of the best free typography-based WordPress themes) and many color schemes.

Notable Features – 
  • Good Readability 
  • Good Whitespace
  •  Subtle Color Options
  • Consistent Formatting
  • Perfect for Book Readers

Get Typefocus

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text only wordpress theme free


Syntax by automattic is also one of the best free text only wordpress themes. Syntax provides an easy-to-read environment for your visitors or audience.

It comes with a fixed navigation menu and responsive design. It can be a great choice for those who want a neat and clean blog or website.

Notable Features – 
  • fixed navigation menu
  • Reading & Writing Focused
  • Neat and clean design
  • Responsive Design

 Get Syntax

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5.NS Minimal

Free Typography-Based WordPress Themes


 As the name suggests, Ns minimal is a lightweight and fast theme with minimal design. It offers a very smooth experience for readers. 

One of the best things about NS Minimal is that It comes with RTL support & it is translation-ready as well. It is one of the best free text only wordpress themes for bloggers


Notable Features – 
  • Blogging Focused
  • Smooth Experience
  • Various Customization Options 
  • SEO Optimized 
  • RTL & translation-ready 

Get NS Minimal

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Free Typography Based WordPress Themes


 If you are looking for the most simple yet elegant text-based theme, then look no further. It mainly focuses on simplicity by removing any kind of distraction.

It has a text-based interface, But don’t let the name fool you as it comes with many essential features such as RTL Support and Translation ready, colors and logo customization options, etc. 

It also supports the popular Gutenberg Editor which makes it easier to edit the site. It provides one of the best reading experiences. This is probably the lightest text based theme for WordPress.

Notable Features – 
  • RTL Support and Translation Ready
  • Various Customization Option
  • Gutenberg Editor Support 
  • Simplicity and Well Presented
  • Fast and Lightweight

Get PlainText


 There are many good text-based themes for WordPress (excluding this list), Even though I tried to include the Best Free text based themes for WordPress. Therefore please do some research before choosing a suitable theme for your website.

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