Essentials Addons for Elementor Review

If you use Elementor, then you probably know that there are many Add ons or plugins for Elementor. Essentials Addons is one of those plugins/ addons for Elementor, and it is also the most popular Addon for Elementor.

Although there are many good free plugins for Elementor, Why are Essentials Addons for Elementor plugin the most popular? We are going to find out just that.

A few months ago, I wrote a post about The 6 Best Free Elementor Plugins for WordPress, In that list, the Essential Addons plugin was featured as the top contender. We are going to take a deep look at the Essential addons for Elementor.

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What is an Addon?

Addons are third-party software programs or Scripts that add some extra functionalities or features to the main program. We can also use Addons to bypass certain limitations of specific software.  

Example: You can think of WordPress And its plugins as the main software and its addons, When we use WordPress, we can install plugins to add extra features. Here we are using addons to add more features or widgets to Elementor.

What is Elementor?

I know most of you already know about Elementor, but let us get a quick overview. Elementor is an advanced drag and drop page & website builder. Currently, Elementor powers more than 5+ million WordPress websites. Elementor is easy to use and beginner-friendly. Elementor offers many advanced features that help you create a professional-looking website easily. 

Essentials Addons for Elementor Plugin Review

Almost one out of five Elementor users use Essentials Addons. It is the most popular addon for Elementor. Essentials Addons also offers 1000+ ready-made blocks and templates with Templately

Here, we will use the free version of Essentials Addons for Elementor. Don’t worry, I will also cover the premium version. 


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How To install Essential Addons for Elementor?

The process of installing EA for Elementor is the same as installing any plugins in WordPress. 

  • Go to your WP dashboard > Plugins > Add New
Essentials Addons for Elementor Review
  • Search for ‘essential addons’, Install & Activate It.
Essentials Addons for Elementor Review
  • Complete the Setup, Now you should see Essential Addons widgets in Elementor.

List of Widgets Of Essentials Addons for Elementor

The free version of Essential Addons comes with 40+ free widgets. The premium version of EA comes with a total of 70+ Widgets (including 40+ free widgets + 30 Premium Widgets). It also comes with some free and paid extensions.

Free Widgets of Essential Addons

  1. Post Grid – Display posts as a grid.
  2. Post Timeline – Create posts timeline.
  3. Fancy Text – Add animated text to your WordPress website.
  4. Creative Buttons – Add buttons with hover effect.
  5. Countdown – Add a basic countdown to your WP website.
  6. Team Members – Feature your team members with few clicks
  7. Testimonials – Add testimonials easily.
  8. WooCommerce Product Grid – Display your Woocommerce product as a grid.
  9. Contact Form 7 – Contact Form 7 Widget for Elementor.
  10. Gravity Forms – Style and add Gravity Forms anywhere.
  11. Ninja Forms – Ninja Forms widget for Elementor.
  12. Caldera Forms – Caldera Forms Widget for Elementor.
  13. WPForms – WPforms widget for Elementor.
  14. weForms – weForm Widget for Elementor.
  15. Fluent Forms – Design your Fluent Forms container, fields, and anything you want.
  16. Info Box – Add amazing Infobox cards.
  17. Flip Box – Innovative Filpbox for your WP site. 
  18. Dual Color Headline – Easily add dual color heading without using CSS.
  19. Call to Action – Create the CTA button easily.
  20. Pricing Table – Pricing Table for detailed comparison.
  21. Data Table – insert interactive data table. 
  22. Filterable Gallery – Add a filterable gallery for your portfolio or categories.
  23. Image Accordion – Create an accordion-type gallery.
  24. Content Ticker – Display your featured or new content.
  25. Tooltip – Easily add tooltips to Icon, Image, Text.
  26. Advanced Tabs – Display data in a unique way.
  27. Advanced Accordion – Add simple or nested According to your site.
  28. Progress Bar – Add progress bar to your website.
  29. Feature List – Display features of anything in a structured manner.
  30. Facebook Feed – Display and add Facebook post feed.
  31. Twitter Feed – Display your latest tweets on your website.
  32. Sticky Video – Add sticky positioned video from youtube, Vimeo, etc. 
  33. BetterDocs Category Grid ,BetterDocs Category Box ,BetterDocs Search Form – Some Widgets For BetterDocs Plugin. 
  34. Advanced-Data Table – Create a cool-looking table.
  35. Event Calendar – Create a custom Event page and customize it easily. 
  36. Formstack – Formstack forms integration for Elementor.
  37. Woo Checkout – Create a custom checkout page for your WooCommerce product.
  38. Typeform – Easily embed and design Typeform.
  39. Login | Register Form – create an amazing-looking custom register and login page for your WordPress site.
  40. Woo Product Compare, Woo Product Gallery, Woo Product Carousel – Some widgets for customizing your Woocomerce page.
  41. Simple Menu – Design a custom navigation menu with Elementor.

Premium Widgets of Essential Addons

  1. Post Block (Flex) – Use CSS display flex to display posts.
  2. Lightbox & Modal – Create Modal Popup which opens after certain actions.
  3. Testimonial Slider – Display testimonials as an elegant slider.
  4. Image Comparison – Compare two images. 
  5. Interactive Promo – Uniquely showcase your content or demo.
  6. Instagram Gallery & Feed –Add insta feed and gallery to your WP site.
  7. Advanced Google Map – Advanced Google Maps integration with Polylines, Polygons, Overlay, Panorama, etc.
  8. Static Product – Display your static products.
  9. Flip Carousel – Add creative carousel.
  10. Interactive Cards – Add Interactive cards.
  11. Content Timeline – Display your content in a timeline.
  12. Data Table – Advanced data table for Elementor.
  13. Twitter Feed Carousel – Add Twitter feed as a carousel.
  14. Dynamic Filterable Gallery – Advanced filterable gallery.
  15. Smart Post List – Present your blog page as a unique post list. 
  16. Mailchimp – Mailchimp integration for Elementor.
  17. Content Toggle – Toggle between Primary and Secondary content area
  18. One Page Navigation – Easily create a One-page website with this.
  19. Price Menu – Create a Price menu easily.
  20. Image Hotspots – Add tooltips to images.
  21. Fancy Divider – Divide your content or section.
  22. Counter – Advanced counter.
  23. Post Carousel – Display posts as a beautiful carousel.
  24. Logo Carousel – Display brands and clients.
  25. Protected Content – Add content protection.
  26. Offcanvas Content – Display content using a button click.
  27. Advanced Menu – Add a menu anywhere.
  28. Image Scroller – Add scrolling effect to images.
  29. Woo Product Slider – Display products as a slider.

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Buy Essential Addons Pro

Essential Addons Review

EA for Elementor comes with a lot of widgets that make the process of developing a WordPress much easier. With Essential Addons, You get some of Elementor Pro’s features for free. The free version of Essential Addons offers many useful widgets such as Post Grid, WooCommerce Product Grid, Filterable Gallery, Tooltip, Sticky Video, etc. Let us know about these widgets in detail.

Some Notable Widgets of The Free Version

The free version of Essential Addons offers 40+ free widgets. Let me discuss some of the widgets in detail.

Essential Addons for Elementor Post Grid

Essentials Addons for Elementor Review

We can easily create a Post Grid using Essential Addons

Essentials Addons for Elementor Review

Here I didn’t add any images, but you can show thumbnails as well. The post grid items are not the same height. It is because We have different numbers of characters for each title, and this problem can be tricky to solve. The image height matters too. If you are unable to solve this problem, then you can try Premium Addons for Elementor.

Filterable Gallery

Essential Addons Review 

You can easily create a filter gallery with clickable images and filters, A demo gallery (given above).


Essential Addons Review 

You can add tooltips to images, icons, text, etc. You can change the tooltip direction as well.

Sticky Video

Essentials Addons for Elementor Review

This is a premium feature that you get for free with Essential Addons. There are not many addons for Elementor that offers a sticky video for free. A big thumbs up for this widget.

Post Timeline 

Essential Addons Review 

Display Posts as a descriptive timeline. Timeline lets you uniquely display your posts.

Some Notable Widgets of The Premium Version

The Premium version of Essential Addons offers 30 premium widgets. Let me discuss some of the widgets in detail.

Content Timeline

Essentials Addons for Elementor Review

Content Timeline is the advanced version of the free widget Post Timeline. You can also display (as a timeline) custom content using this widget to show.  

Post Carousel 

Essential Addons Review 

You can easily display posts as a carousel/slider with images. 

Image Scroller

Essentials Addons for Elementor Review

Although you can really understand from a static image (give above), Once hovered the image will scroll.

Image Comparison 

Essential Addons for Elementor Post Grid

You can compare two images interactively using this widget. You drag the arrow thingy in the middle.

Smart Post List 

Essential Addons for Elementor Post Grid

You can easily add posts with category filters.  

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Advantages of Essential Addons 
  1. Essential Addons for Elementor is fairly optimized.
  2. It offers tons of free and Paid Widgets.
  3. It is actively maintained by wp developer (a reputed developer).
  4. Most EA widgets work flawlessly with Elementor.
  5. The most popular addons for Elementor.
Disadvantages of Essential Addons 
  1. Your page speed might decrease if any Addons (including EA) with Elementor.


This is has been the Essentials Addons for Elementor Review (short overview). You can also try these Addons/plugins for Elementor.

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