How to Set Up a Disposable WordPress Environment

In this quick tutorial, I’m going to show you How to Set Up a Disposable WordPress Environment for Free? The service we are going to use is called Wpsandbox

Wpsandbox is a free Sandbox for WordPress. It is one of the best Disposable WordPress Environments.

What is a Sandbox?

sandbox is a software testing environment that allows to run or execute programs without affecting the system, platform, or application. We, software developers, use a sandbox mainly to run or test a new piece of code. Other uses of sandbox include 1. identifying bugs, 2. running malicious code or untested code, detecting malware, etc.

For WordPress, sandbox means a temporary staging or test site. It can be used to set up a Disposable WordPress Environment for Free with automatic expiry (meaning it will be inaccessible after a certain period). Here you can easily install or try any theme or plugin without any problem.

Features of Wpsandbox (Why Use Wpsandbox For Temporary WordPress Site?)

  • It is totally free & No credit card is required.
  • No Registration Required
  • It Offers a Private WordPress Site. It can be accessed by anyone (even with a URL) unless they have the access code.
  • It is a Cloud-based service, therefore, you don’t have to install anything.
  • It provides Easy Debugging as well.
  • You can also use phpMyAdmin to access the Database (how cool is that!).
  • You can use Addons to extend site expiration (although it is paid).
  •  You can set up WordPress Multisite too.
  • It is safe to use.

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How to Set Up a Disposable WordPress Environment for Free?

Now that we know the basics about Wpsandbox. Let us know how to use it to set up a Disposable WordPress Environment for Free.

Step – 1  

Go to 

Step – 2
Disposable WordPress Environment
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When you enter first, you should see the above interface. Now you can choose or change any of the available options.

You can skip all the options and click on “Create Test Site” Or you can customize the settings or options before entering the dashboard (Optional).
Step – 3 

After clicking on the “CREATE TEST SITE” button,


You should be redirected to the above page. Make sure to note down these four details as you will need them to access the site

Without the Access Code, nobody can access the disposable WordPress site. 

Disposable WordPress Environment
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Now Click on the admin login link (shown above).

Disposable WordPress Environment
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After that, you will be redirected to the admin area or dashboard of WordPress. That’s it. Now you have a Disposable WordPress Environment for Free.

In case you want to customize the settings (Optional) – 

Temporary WP Staging Site

1. I would recommend you to choose WordPress 5 (Latest) or the latest version of WordPress to avoid bugs and issues. Skip the “Set up WordPress using latest nightly build (unstable)”. 

Multisite for Disposable WordPress Environment

2. Then you can choose whether you want to disposable WordPress environment to be a multisite or not. You can pick any of the two options available according to your need.

What is Wpsandbox?

3. Now, you can choose the Debugging options.

  • Display errors  
  • Enable debugging 
  • Enable script debugging
Disposable WordPress Environment

4. You can Enable (S)FTP access as well. As mentioned earlier, you can Enable database access which can be accessed using phpMyAdmin.

Disposable WordPress Environment
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5. You can get your password via email if you want. You can also install themes and plugins. You can do so by entering the download link of the Zip file or WordPress theme and plugin page.

6. Now Follow Step 3to complete the process.

As mentioned earlier, You don’t have to follow these five steps if you want to. Just go to and click on the CREATE TEST SITE. 

Conclusion :

Overall, It is one of the easiest ways to Set Up a Disposable WordPress Environment for Free. It is so easy that it can be done within a minute.

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