How To Create A Multi-step Form in WordPress For Free

In this article, we are going to learn how to create a multi-step form in WordPress, But we do that let me address few questions related to a multi-step form.

If you are running an online business with a WordPress site, then it becomes very important to generate leads from your website and form is one of the most effective ways to generate leads or sales. But you have to do it right. 

What are Multi-Step Forms?

As the name suggests, a multistep form is a type of form where a long-form is broken into multiple pieces/pages. A multistep form allows users to fill in all the details in smaller chunks.

Why You Should Create Multi-Step Forms (Benefits of multi-step forms)

If we compare single page form with a multi-step form, then there is a big difference. A multi-step form is not just more intuitive but also increases the conversion rate rapidly. Instead of using a long single-step form, you should try a multi-step form as it will give better results.

  • It reduces mental friction without overwhelming users –

if you were told to fill up 10 fields on a single page, would you hesitate or feel uneasy to fill that form? of course you would. that’s human psychology.

  • To make the conversion more relevant to the user –

Believe it or not, Using a long single-page/step form sometimes makes It less relevant to the users or visitors.

  • It increases conversion rate –

A multistep form can help you increase your conversion rate. Learn More – Here 

How To Create A Multi-step Form in WordPress For Free

I will show you one of the easiest ways to create A Multi-step Form in WordPress. Now you can use a plugin like Wpforms but you have to buy the paid version.


But here we are going to use Forminator Form Builder. Forminator is one of the best drag and drop form builders with lots of functionalities. It is also very easy to use. With Forminator, you can take Payments, create Forms, Quizzes, Polls, do Calculations. It is one of the best free Multi-step form builders.

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Forminator Multi-step form Tutorial

Forminator Multi-step form Tutorial

Step – 1 

How To Create A Multi-step Form in WordPress For Free

Set up and installation:  Go to your WordPress dashboard. Install and Activate the Forminator plugin (by WPMU DEV).

Multi-step Forms With a Progress Bar on WordPress

Either click on the Forminator menu option or hover over it and click on the forms from the submenu (Forminator -> Forms).

 Download Forminator 

Step – 2

Creating forms with Forminator: After clicking on forms the above window should open. Click on “create form”. 

Multi-step Forms With a Progress Bar on WordPress Forminator Multi-step form Tutorial

Choose/select any template according to your liking. I’m choosing a registration form for the demo. Click on the template to select that template.

Click on continue. 

Multi-step Forms With a Progress Bar on WordPress

Name the form or leave it as it is, then click on create.

Step – 3

 How To Create A Multi-step Form in WordPress

Making the form multi-step: We have three fields (username, email, password) here. I’m not going to add any more fields for this page/step. Let’s keep those first three fields for the first step. 

To make the form multi-step, we need to add a page break. To add a page break in Forminator click on insert fields (either the purple button or the button below the fields). 

Forminator Multi-step form Tutorial

Then select the page-break by clicking on it and click on insert fieldsMulti-step Forms With a Progress Bar on WordPress

As mentioned earlier, I am going to keep username, email, password on the first page or first step, Then I’m going to add few demo fields which will be shown on the second step. here, those fields are “Website” and “City”.

Multi-step Forms With a Progress Bar on WordPress

You can easily make any form field optional or required by going to the settings tab of that field.

 multi-step form with conditional fields

You can also make a multi-step form with conditional fields using the Forminator form builder.  

 multi-step form with conditional fields

 multi-step form with conditional fields

You can change the step names (pagination) as well. just click on the pagination (once the page break is added to the form) and change the page name according to your liking. Click on apply.

Forminator Multi-step form Tutorial

Forminator Multi-step form Tutorial

After completing the form, Either you can preview it by clicking on the preview button or publish it.

Forminator Multi-step form Tutorial

Once published, you can copy the shortcode (e.g ) and paste it anywhere on your website. Now you know how to create a multi-step form in WordPress for free.

How To Create A Multi-step Form in WordPress

Forminator also enables you to create multi-step forms with a progress bar as you can see in the screenshot (given above). You can also customize the email notifications. There are two types of validation available for Forminator 1. On Submit (client-side). 2. Server Side. You can also use Forminator with Elementor or any other page builder.

Learn More about Forminator at Forminator documentation

Why You Should Use Forminator Form Builder

  • It is easy to use and customize.
  • It is one of the best form builders for WordPress.
  • It offers a smooth experience with a simple User Interface.
  • You can use Conditional fields.
  • You can easily accept payments using a Forminator form.
  • It comes with tons of features & options.
  • It offers premium features like Payments, FileUploads, Date & Time Picker,reCaptcha, etc. for free.
  • You can easily create any type of form such as contact, registration, Newsletter, Quote Request forms, etc.
  • You can view the submissions from the WordPress dashboard.
  • It provides good security against bots by using Honeypot protection.


While there are many good form plugins but I like Forminator the most as it is very beginner-friendly. You can use other form plugins according to your choice, but if you are looking for the best free multi-step form plugin for WordPress, Forminator is the right choice. There is a pro version of Forminator is available but I think the free version is more than enough.

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