15 Best Starter Themes for WordPress for Developers

starter themes for wordpress

What are Starter Themes for WordPress? As the name suggests, starter themes are basically the minimal design or the basic layout (header & footer) of a blank theme or a theme without any demo data. The starters theme is not the same thing as Parent Theme. The starters theme usually comes with all the essential … Read more

Best Programming Languages To Learn In 2021

best programming languages to learn

If you are new to programming then it could be a confusing task to choose which programming language you should learn first. No need to worry because I will address the followings –  best programming languages to learn best programming languages for beginners best programming languages to learn for cybersecurity best programming languages to learn … Read more

JSON in Javascript | What is a JSON file ?

What is JSON file

What is a JSON file or What is JSON in Javascript? -> JSON Stands For JavaScript Object Notation and is used to store and transmit data objects consisting of attribute-value pairs (Similar to javascript Objects) and arrays which are human-readable text.’ JSON is a lightweight data storing & transporting format and it is quite easy to understand as … Read more

Best WordPress Migration Plugin Free

 WordPress Migration Plugin Free

How To Use All In One WP Migration (Migrate WordPress with one click for free) Now, Migrating a WordPress site can be hard or tricky if and only you don’t know what tool to use to export or Migrate your WordPress. Therefore, I’m going to show you guys Probably the easiest way to migrate your WordPress site into a new domain … Read more