Import Ready Made Templates In WordPress for Free

Import Ready Made Templates In WordPress for Free

You can create a WordPress site from scratch, But it can be very time-consuming. And to save time, You can start by importing ready-made templates or starter site templates. In this short article, I will show how to import ready sites for free. What is a starter template? Starter templates in WordPress are ready-made or … Read more

The Big O Notation Explained-Examples of Big O Notation

Definition of Big O Notation

In this short article, I will try to explain the  Big O Notation. I will also include one example of Big O Notation. Whether you are a computer engineer or a developer(Software or Web), I bet you have heard the phrase “Big O Notation“.   It is a perfect time to know about Big O Notation if you have not heard about it.  This … Read more

What is CalyxOS? – CalyxOS Features


What is CalyxOS? CalyxOs is An Operating System that is based on Android OS. Calyx os is an Android Operating System with some extra privacy features or you could say it eliminates the fact that Google has control over your personal data.  CalyxOS is a privacy-based Operating System for Mobile. CalyxOs is a ‘de-googled’ Android OS. The main focus of CalyxOs is to protect your … Read more

What is Redis Database? – Remote Dictionary Server

What is Redis Database?

What Does Redis Stand for? Redis stands for Remote Dictionary Server.  What is Redis Database? Redis also known as Remote Dictionary Server, was first introduced or released In 2009. Redis is an in-memory key-value data structure store that can be used as a database, cache, and message broker. Redis changed the database games by introducing a system where data is read or … Read more

How To Make Blob Shapes With Just One Click

What is a blob?  No, I’m not talking about either Binary Large Object (BLOB) or Water Blob. Here I’m talking about the spherical-type object or odd-shaped object which designers or developers use in their web projects to make their designs stand out. Blobs are kind of trendy for UI designers these days. Blob Shapes are mainly used as SVG(Scalable Vector Graphics). To be … Read more