6 Best WordPress Table Plugins in 2022 ( Free)

If you run a website that deals with data, Tables can be a great way to represent the data neatly. But building a table from scratch can be a difficult task. Even after building the table, you might have to import the data manually and you also have to make the table responsive to be viewed properly on smaller devices, Sounds troublesome?
Fortunately, WordPress has plugins. To avoid the complicated process, we can use a WordPress Table Plugin.

We can create a table and arrange data easily using WordPress Table Plugins. You can also add interactive tables to display data and improve the user experience. In this article, we will discuss the 6 Best WordPress Table Plugins.

1.wpDataTables – Tables & Table Charts
3.Ninja Tables
4.Data Tables Generator

  1. Visualizer
  2. WP Table Builder

6 Best WordPress Table Plugins (Free) 

While you can create a basic table using WordPress’s built-in Table Block. But if you want to build/create beautiful interactive tables, You will need a dedicated table plugin for WordPress. This list contains some of the best free table plugins for WordPress. 

1.wpDataTables – Tables & Table Charts

 Active installations: 60,000+

wpDataTables is one of the most popular WordPress Table Plugins that allows you to create tables & table charts. You can easily import or upload data from an Excel, JSON, CSV, PHP, XML file, etc.

 The plugin automatically adds sorting, pagination, and search options to the table. You can insert the table using a shortcode or a page builder. Other than text, wpDataTables also supports custom links, media, etc.

Overall, wpDataTables is one of the Best WordPress Table Plugins. It also lets you create different types of charts (line charts, column charts, pie charts, bar charts, candlestick charts, donut charts, etc.). 

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 Active installations: 800,000+

With 800,000+ active installations, TablePress is probably the most popular WordPress Table Plugins.TablePress allows you to create beautiful tables effortlessly. 

With its spreadsheet-like interface, you can easily edit and manage your tables. TablePress also lets you import data from CSV, Excel, HTML, JSON files. TablePress supports any type of data and you can even use formulas ( just like excel). It also includes a JavaScript library that allows you to add filtering, sorting, pagination, etc. to the table. If you want additional features, then you can use TablePress Extensions. It is the Best WordPress Table Plugin for basic users.

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3.Ninja Tables

Active installations:70,000+

Ninja Tables is another WordPress Table plugin. It is a leading table builder plugin for WordPress. Ninja Tables comes with a lot of useful features. It comes with almost 100+ tables styles (Hover rows, fixed layout, bordered table, data Tables, Bootstrap 3 & 4 Table Styles, Semantic UI Table Styles, etc. Ninja Tables is SEO friendly and performance-optimized.

 Ninja Tables supports Images and other types of media. It comes with easy import and export options as well. It also works with WooCommerce, Therefore you can create a product showcase table easily. 

4.Data Tables Generator 

Active installations:30,000+

Data Tables Generator is an easy-to-use and free WordPress Table Plugin. With Data Tables Generator’s Excel-like editor interface, you can easily create a responsive table. It is a perfect plugin for small to midsize blogs and businesses as it covers most basic requirements.

 It allows you to create SEO friendly tables quickly. You can also create charts, diagrams, graphs, etc. with this plugin. It allows you to import tables from Excel, Google Sheets, etc. You can also export the table as CSV, PDF, or Excel files. You can add sort, search, pagination options. Data Tables also supports media uploads and large data sets.

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5. Visualizer

Active installations:40,000+

Themeisle is known for their themes but they also have some notable plugins and Visualizer is one of them. Visualizer is a powerful WordPress Table plugin. Visualizer is also one of the Best WordPress Table Plugins. It allows you to create, manage and embed interactive, responsive charts & tables to your WP site.

The free version is more than enough for small to mid-size WordPress sites and businesses. This plugin uses Google Visualization API, Chart.js, and DataTables.net to add tables, charts(Line charts

Pie charts, Column charts, etc.) and graphs. You can add filters, search bars, etc. It also lets you import data from Google Sheets, Excel, CSV, etc. Overall, It is one of the best table/chart plugins for WordPress. 

6. WP Table Builder

Active installations:40,000+

WP Table Builder is another table plugin for WordPress. I have included this plugin because of its interactive drag and drop table builder. You can create responsive tables (pricing tables, comparison tables, etc.) with this plugin. 

Currently, It supports 7 elements – text, button, list, image, custom HTML, star rating, shortcode. It comes with customizable table templates. You will be able to place the tables anywhere on your site using shortcode. It comes with a mode called Cell Management Mode and, it allows you to add/remove rows and columns, and split/merge cells.

How to Create a Table in WordPress Without a Plugin

If you want just to create a table without any plugins, then continue reading. As I mentioned earlier, you don’t need a plugin to create simple tables in WordPress. You can use the Gutenberg page builder’s table block to create a simple table.

Step 1: Create a new page or post

Step 2: Start editing with Gutenberg page builder

Best WordPress Table Plugins

Step 3: select the table block as shown.

Best WordPress Table Plugins

Step 4: enter the row and column, you are done.

How to Create a Table in WordPress Without a Plugin


Feel Free to try all of them. But personally, I think wpDataTables & Visualizer are the Best WordPress Table Plugins. You don’t need a table plugin if you just want to add a simple table.

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