7 Best WordPress Post Slider Plugins in 2021​

7 Best WordPress Post Slider Plugins in 2021​

WordPress has been the top choice for content creators and Bloggers. Most Bloggers prefer WordPress over other CMS(s) or Website builders.

Reasons Why You Should Use WordPress for Your Website

There are many reasons why one should use WordPress for his/her Website. Few of the main reasons for choosing WordPress.

1.WordPress is widely used (Almost 40.6% of all websites).

2.WordPress is totally free and open source.

3.It is very easy to Use and Learn (No Coding Required).

4.WordPress is quite flexible.

5. WordPress is multilingual (Available in 169 different languages).

6. Hugh Library of free themes and plugins.

7. Good SEO features for beginners (by using Yoast SEO, Rank Math, etc. plugins).

8. WordPress is very easy to manage.

9. Mobile friendly.

10. WordPress keeps improving.

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In this article, we are going to take a look at the following:

1.Best WordPress Post Slider Plugins in 2021 For WordPress editor or block editor 

2.Best WordPress Post Slider Plugins in 2021 For Elementor.

If you want to make your blog unique, then Post Slider is one of those things that you should add to your blog to make it stand out. Post slider can be very effective to draw visitors’ attention.

Let us know about the Best WordPress Post Slider Plugins. This list includes only the free post slider plugins.

1.Best WordPress Post Slider Plugins in 2021 For WordPress editor or block editor

1.WP Responsive Recent Post Slider/Carousel 

By WP OnlineSupport
Best WordPress Post Slider Plugins

Active installations:30,000+

WP Responsive Recent Post Slider/Carousel is probably the best post slider plugin for WordPress editor or block editor. It is a fully responsive post slider plugin.

It has four designs for Posts Slider & One for Posts Carousel. It also offers four different designs to choose from. To use this plugin, you just need to paste the shortcode at the preferred location.

To use the Post Slider –[recent_post_slider]

To use Post Carousel – [recent_post_carousel]

To select Different Designs – [recent_post_slider design=”design-1″] 


2. 10WebPostSlider 

By 10Web (Formerly Post Slider by WD)
Best WordPress Post Slider Plugins

Active installations:3,000+

10WebPostSlider is a simple yet powerful PostSilder.It is quite easy to use and if you’re working with WordPress editor or block editor, then I would highly recommend it.

10WebPostSlider offers two types of post slider – 1.static post sliders,2.dynamic slider post sliders.

It offers many features such as slider hotspot layer, parallax effect, carousel view slider, social sharing button layer, etc. 


3.Advanced post slider  

By digontoahsan
Best WordPress Post Slider Plugins
Best WordPress Post Slider Plugins

Active installations:9,000+

Advanced post slider is also one of the best post slider plugins.

With this post slider plugin, you can add an unlimited number of the slideshow on a single page.

It offers three types of slideshow 1.Standard, 2.Carousel & 3.Ticker.

It has Thumbnail pagination as well. It can be used with a post, custom post type, and page content as well.

The only downside is that the Advanced post slider has not been updated for a long time.

Best WordPress Post Slider Plugins in 2021 For Elementor.

Now, If you’re an Elementor user like me, then you should look at the list given below. As you’re using Elementor, you might have already installed some of the Addons for Elementor. In this list, I’m not going to include specific Post Slider Plugins but some Elementor Addons that come with Post sliders or carousels.

1.Livemesh Addons By Livemesh

Active installations:100,000+

Livemesh is one of the best Elementor addons. The Livemesh comes with many free widgets and among these widgets, there are many blogs slider-related widgets such as Post Carousel extension, Posts Slider addon, Post Grid Box Slider addon, Posts Multislider addon

Post Carousel extension – It lets you display your posts as a responsive carousel.

Posts Slider addon / Posts Multislider addon – It lets you display your post as a responsive touch-enabled post slider.

Post Grid Box Slider addon – It lets you display your posts as a slider of tiled post grids.

Livemesh is one of the best WordPress post slider plugins/addons for Elementor.

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2.WPB Elementor Addons By wpbean

Best WordPress Post Slider Plugins

Active installations:6,000+

WPB Elementor Addons is also a good addon for Elementor & it also includes a great WordPress post slider. WPB Elementor Addons offers many features such as  Post Grid/Slider, Pricing TableContent Box Grid/Slider, Logo SliderTestimonials Grid/Slider, Team Members Grid/Slider, Counter Up, Filterable Image Gallery, and many more.

Although WPB offers only one Post Slider, It is very good & easy to customize. You can easily make a post slider with thumbnails or a slider with just text (by hiding the image).

3.Royal Elementor Addons By WP Royal

Best WordPress Post Slider Plugins

Active installations:6,000+

Royal Elementor Addons is a less known yet good addon for Elementor. Royal Elementor Addons comes with Many elegant Post Slider designs. It is one of the best addons for bloggers and content creators.

Royal Post Grid Elementor widget can be used as Elementor post slider, Elementor recent posts slider, Elementor post carousel or slider, etc.

Other than these Post Slider widgets, It also offers many widgets for Bloggers such as Elementor grid post, Elementor recent posts widget, random posts with thumbnails.

4.Unlimited Elements for Elementor

By Unlimited Elements

Best WordPress Post Slider Plugins for elementor

Last but not least, We have Unlimited Elements, another great addon for Elementor that also offers a Post Slider / Carousel. Unlimited Elements mainly comes with a Post Card CarouselIt has many customization options as well. 

Unlimited Elements Plugin also includes almost 100+ free widgets for Elementor.

If you want a minimalistic WordPress post slider plugin, then you can use Unlimited Elements’ Post Card Slider / Carousel.

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Final Verdict: 

These are some of the best WordPress post slider plugins. Although this list covers only 7 of the best slider plugins, there are many free plugins for post slider available online. I recommend you to research or try as many slider plugins as possible before choosing one.

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