5 Best Security Plugins For WordPress

Running a Website isn’t easy, But it gets worse when your website gets attacked by hackers. Let’s face it, making your website secure is a difficult task. But it becomes a little easier if you are using WordPress as we have many security Plugins. In this article, we will take a look at some of the Best Security Plugins For WordPress.

As a web admin, one thing that you cannot compromise on is security. Keeping your website secure should be your top priority. Before we get into the main topic let us know a few things about Web Security.

Overview – 

1.What is Web Security?

2. Types of Cyber Security Threats

3. Reasons Why Website Security Is Important

4. Top 5 Best Security Plugins For WordPress  

1.What is Web Security?

Web Security (A.K.A Cybersecurity) mainly refers to the ways to prevent web threats from cybercriminals, hackers, etc. Web Security comprises protection against hacking, Phishing attacks, bug exploitation, etc. for your website, web application, etc. To avoid getting hacked, One must follow most standard & advance web security rules. Since Web security is a very big topic, I will try to make a post about it in the future.

Available Technology To Prevent Cyberattacks

Common ways or technical solutions for testing, building, and preventing threats include:

  • White Box & Black Box testing tools
  • Fuzzing tools
  • Security or vulnerability scanners
  • Password cracking tools
  • Web application firewalls (WAF)

2. Types of Cyber Security Threats

There are many Types of Cyber Security Threats and some of them are given below – 

1. Phishing

2. Malware

3. Denial of Service

4. Password breach

5.Data breach

6. Cross-Site Scripting (XSS)

7.SQL injection

8.Many More

3. Reasons Why Web Security Is Important 

There are numerous reasons Why Website Security Is Important & some of them are given below.

1. Protect Your Customers / Users 

Hackers mostly target users and customers. You must have robust web security to protect your user or customers. If you compromise with your website’s security, then the hackers will be able to get their hands on your customers’ confidential details/information. As a web admin, you must ensure the safety of your customers/users.

2. Maintain Business reputation & Credibility

Imagine your website was hacked, and the word spread like wildfire. Now your website is known for being hacked, Thus reducing your overall credibility. Your business will take the hit as most users will try to avoid your website as much as possible.

3. Restriction By AntiVirus & Anti Malware Software 

  Would you dare to visit a site blocked by your antivirus software?

Most people wouldn’t.

It is not just search engines, AntiVirus Anti Malware Software will also penalize or restrict your website. To avoid being penalized or flagged by both search engines and Antiviruses, you must take proper measures.

4. Website clean-up is more expensive than protection

Believe it or not, Cleaning up a hacked website is much more expensive than protection. If your site was hacked, Then either you have to get your website cleaned up by a professional or start new. To avoid getting hacked, you must set robust protection for your website. And removing malware from a WordPress site is much harder.

5. Website gets blacklisted

I have already mentioned Restriction By AntiVirus. But what worse than that? 

Your website gets blacklisted, Google quarantines almost 10,000 suspicious websites each day. We haven’t discussed the SEO hit yet. You could end up losing most of your traffic because of restrictions from major search engines. Google and other search engines take users’ safety very seriously. It might also affect your ranking.

Now that we know that security is very very important for any website, Let’s take a look at –

5. Top 5 Best Security Plugins For WordPress  

I’m assuming you have secure hosting as hosting plays a huge role in website security. 

1.iThemes Security

2. Wordfence Security

3. Sucuri

4. All In One WP Security and Firewall


1.iThemes Security

Best Security Plugins For WordPress

iThemes Security (formerly known as Better WP Security) By iThemes is probably the Best Security Plugin For WordPress. With 1+ million Active installations, iThemes Security is also one of the most popular Security Plugin For WordPress. The free version is more than enough to keep your WordPress website safe. The free version uses Sucuri SiteCheck to conduct malware scans & detect vulnerabilities. 

iThemes Security provides an easy setup and beginner-friendly interface. It offers some pretty convenient tools for brute force protection.

Note: iThemes is my personal favorite. 

Notable Features of iThemes Security

  • Brute force protection.
  • Strong password enforcement.
  • Plugin scan and file change detection.
  • 404 detection.
  • Lock out suspicious IP.
  • Limit login attempts.
  • Two-factor authentication.

Get –  iThemes Security

2. Wordfence

Best Security Plugins For WordPress

With 4+ million Active installations, Wordfence is the most popular Security Plugins For WordPress.Wordfence is a robust and powerful security plugin. It provides full website malware scan, protection against brute force attacks and hackers, robust firewall, etc. It also lets you monitor visits and hack attempts. It is very similar to iThemesecurity. It is one of the Best Security Plugin For WordPress.

Notable Features of Wordfence

  • Basic malware scan for WordPress.
  • Brute force protection.
  • Realtime hacking attacks monitoring.
  • Limit login attempts.
  • Firewall protection.
  • Country blocking.
  • Strong password enforcement for Login protection.

Get-  Wordfence

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3. Sucuri

Best Security Plugins For WordPress

It would be a sin if I didn’t add Sucuri to this list. Sucuri is well known in the website security industry. The Sucuri plugin by Sucuri Inc. (a well-experienced Website Security Group) is one of the Best Security Plugins For WordPress. It offers basic protection (Remote Malware Scanning, DNS change detection, Web Application Firewall (WAF), etc.) for your WordPress. It also offers an easy setup.

Notable Features of Sucuri

  • Firewall protection.
  • DNS change detection.
  • Default HTTP/2 Support for all websites.
  • Blocklist monitoring.
  • DDoS protection.
  • Protection against SQL Injections, XSS, etc.
  • Malware scanning.

Get – Sucuri

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4. All In One WP Security and Firewall

Best Security Plugins For WordPress

 All In One WP Security and Firewall is yet another well-known Security Plugin For WordPress. All In One WP Security comes with a lot of free such as login protection, malware & vulnerability scanning, firewall, comment spam protection, IP blacklisting, user monitoring, database backups, etc. The main plus point of this plugin is that it is totally free. 

While the plugin is fairly easy to set up and use, You might need a little bit of technical knowledge to enable a few features.

Notable Features of All In One WP Security and Firewall

  • 100% Free.
  • Brute force protection.
  • IP blacklisting.
  • Registration page protection.
  • Comment spam protection.
  • User Monitoring.

Get – All In One WP Security and Firewall

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Best Security Plugins For WordPress

As the name suggests, MalCare is a malware-focused plugin.MalCare is one of the best malware plugins for WordPress. It works well for removing and scanning malware, But it also offers some useful security features such as Brute force protection, firewall, etc. It uses Remote malware scanning, so it doesn’t put much load on the server. Therefore It is quite lightweight and doesn’t slow down your site.

Notable Features of MalCare

  • Automatic malware scans.
  • Basic firewall.
  • Brute force protection.
  • Relatively lightweight.
  • Malware removal.

Get – MalCare

Conclusion: So Which is the Best Free Security Plugin?

iThemes Security & Wordfence Security take the first spot, I would prefer iThemes Security over Wordfence Security. Wordfence puts too much load on the server and tends to slow down your site. According to me “iThemes Security is the Best Security Plugin For WordPress“. 

And if you are looking for a much lighter alternative, then you can give MalCare, a try.

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