10 Best NPM Packages for Beginners

If you are using Node.js, I bet you have heard of NPM at least once, and if you haven’t, then just keep reading the article and you will learn the basics of NPM & some of the best NPM packages…

Anyway, if you are somebody who is already using node.js? Then you should try out these cool Npm Packages.

In this article, You will get a curated list of the Best Npm Packages.

Table Of Contents –
1.What is NPM in Node js?
2.How to Get NPM?

3.10 Best NPM Packages for Beginners in 2021

What is npm in node js?
The full form of NPM is Node Package Manager, which enables developers to install, update or uninstall any Node.js package using the terminal or command line.

It is an online repository that contains open-source Node.js packages. NPM can also be used with some javascript based libraries such as Reactjs.

Any NMP package can be installed with a single command-line command. NPM is the world’s largest software registry, and currently, it has more than one million packages.

Learn More About NPM

How to Get NPM or How to install NPM?
You don’t have to install explicitly as all you need to do is install the Node.js. Node.js installation includes NPM.
1.Download & Install Node.Js
First Download Node.js, then run the setup wizard and follow the instructions.

Download Node

2.Verify NPM installation
To verify the installation of NPM, write the following command in your terminal/command prompt.

Drive:> npm -v
The current version of NPM will be shown if installed properly.

3.Install any NPM package
Drive:> npm install

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10 Best NPM Packages for Beginners in 2021

Most of the NPMs in this list can be used by a beginner. But some might require a little bit of familiarity with Node and NPM.


Express is one of the most popular, fast, minimal Node.js web frameworks, and it is also one of the Best Npm Packages For Web Development.

Express is widely used by backend developers as it offers a robust set of features for web and mobile applications.

Installation Command: npm install express


Socket.io is one of the best NPM packages for Realtime Chat applications or communication apps.
One can easily build a Chat application using Socket.io, Node & Express. Socket.io’s implementations are also available for the following languages :

  • Java
  • C++
  • Swift
  • Dart
  • Python
  • .Net

Installation Command: npm install socket.io


Lodash is probably the most popular JS utility library. It is widely used by developers to make JavaScript’s arrays, numbers, objects, etc. a little easier to work with.

Installation Command – npm i -g npm
npm i –save lodash


As the name suggests, “Validator” validates Strings (i.e. it is a library of strings). The Validator can be used to validate a client-side form validation. It makes the form validation very quick and easy. It is very easy to use as well.

Installation Command – npm install validator

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If you are building an application where security is the top priority, then the first thing you should do is hash your password. Bcrypt is the best NPM package for hashing passwords.

Installation Command – npm install bcrypt


Chalk is surprisingly one of the most popular and most downloaded (with 4.66B Downloads) NPM packages. Chalk is one of those handy NPM packages.

It basically lets you style your Terminal string. Suppose you have an error in the terminal, and you can highlight that error with a red background or make the text red. You can highlight almost anything in the terminal or command line just by writing some code with chalk. It can help you increase your productivity.

Installation Command: npm install chalk


Are you tired of restarting your Node application multiple times after saving a new line of code? , then you should give Nodemon a try.

Nodemon is like the live-server extension for Node.js-based applications. Once installed, run the node application with Nodemon and see the magic.

Nodemon will automatically restart the node application after detecting any change in the file.

Installation Command:npm install -g nodemon


The next one on our list is Cloudinary which is a cloud service.
It provides the solution to any web application’s entire image management pipeline.

It offers many features such as smart image resizing, cropping, and conversion.

Both Pros & Beginners can use Cloudinary as it is not that complicated. Cloudinary’s comprehensive APIs make the process of integrating Cloudinary with any web application quite easy,

Installation Command: npm install cloudinary


Bower is the best front-end package management. Nowadays An advanced website or application cannot be created without using external libraries or JS but in old days, websites didn’t use that much js. Bower was introduced to solve package management. If you are working on a big project, then Bower is a must have Npm Package.

Installation Command: npm install -g bower


Underscore.js is a utility-belt library for JavaScript that is used for rapid development workflow. It offers more than 100+ helpers.

Installation Command: npm i underscore

Bonus NPM Packages- Honourable Mentions

How To Learn Node.js? — A Complete Road map for Beginners

What NPM packages do I use daily?
I don’t use node that much but when I do any project in Node I use Nodemon, Chalk, Express, Bower.

Conclusion: This has been the 10 Best NPM Packages List, Although there are many good NPM packages, these are the commonly Npm packages. You can use almost all of the NPMs (mentioned) even you are a beginner. I hope that you liked the article. Thank you for reading.

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