Best Free Android Video Editing Apps In 2021

As our smartphone has become a powerful yet tiny computer, a lot of us prefer to edit videos on the go. Nowadays, Video Editing on a Smartphone has become very normal even for a professional. Whether you are a newbie or a professional. We have got you covered. Most of the apps maintained in this list are beginner friendly and almost all of them have a lot of features.

Best Free Android Video Editing Apps (Beginner Friendly)


There are a lot of advantages of Editing Videos on your smartphone

  1. Video Editing on the go.
  2. Much more simple than PC video editing.
  3. much faster and smoother experience.
  4. You can use it anywhere.

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Today I’m going to give you The Top 5 Best Free Android Video Editing Apps, Are you ready to edit? 


Best Free Android Video Editing Apps

   Best Free Android Video Editing Apps In 2021


       1PowerDirector: PowerDirector is probably the Best Free Android Video Editing App. It comes with very advanced features and professional video editing. It has a beginner-friendly UI and easy to use. Personally, I would say that this the Best Free Android Video Editing App.  Although there is a watermark for the free version. Overall PowerDirector Is quite Sophisticated when it comes to video editing.

       2. Filmora Go: If You are truly a beginner then this one is for you. With some of the basic editing features and transitions, Filmora Go is a great choice for a beginner to use. I would suggest that you should use Filmora Go to practice basic video editing techniques. It is probably the Best Free Beginner-friendly Android Video Editing App.

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3. KinemasterThis is probably the most used Video editor app by professionals. Kinemaster has everything you could ask for. Kinemaster has become the first choice for many of us as it offers more features than a normal video editor app. Those few features include speed control, chroma key, voiceovers, advance transitions, etc. It also lets you add multiple video layers. Overall Kinemaster undoubtedly The Best Free Android Video Editing App. But the main problems are it has watermarks (Which you can remove by purchasing the pro version) as many free video editors and it quite difficult to use (for beginners).

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4.VivaVideo: It is also a beginner-friendly  Free Android Video Editing App. VivaVideo is a slideshow marker + Video Editor.

VivaVideo is quite Easy to learn, especially for a beginner.

Even though VivaVideo is a good Video Editor and one of the easiest to learn. But it has some drawbacks such as simple and old transitions which can make your video look unprofessional.

VivaVideo is recommended for beginners and casual users. 

Conclusion: Although There are many free video editing apps,  I have included four of them that’s because I have used all four of them. According to me. PowerDirector Is Best Free Android Video Editing App.  I also used Filmora Go once in a while. If want to use a video editor causally there are a lot of Free video editors in the market,  I would recommend you to use Filmora Go then you can use Kinemaster or Powerdirector. If you want to use Filmora Go with ease then you can download their older version. New Versions of Filmora Go has watermarks if I’m not wrong.

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