5 Top Free WordPress Membership Plugins

Building a membership website was never easier, One can easily build a Membership website using WordPress. But since there are a lot of membership plugins, It can be a hard task to pick the right Membership Plugin for your website, and to clear the confusion, I have curated a list of Top Free WordPress Membership Plugins

Overview – 

  1. What is a membership Website?
  2. How to Choose the right Membership Plugin for Your Website?
  3. 5 Top WordPress Membership Plugins
  4. 20+ Membership Website Examples

1. So What is a Membership Website?

Most of you probably know the term “Membership Website”, But still here is an overview of a membership site. Membership websites are those websites that offer members-only content, Offers, etc, in other words, you have to join or register as a member to access the content or get the members-only benefits. Many membership websites have multiple levels of membership. 

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2. How to Choose the right Membership Plugin for Your Website?

Before you pick a membership plugin you need to do thorough research. As we have a lot of membership plugins, you need to look into a few things such as features, customizability, ease of use & compatibility.

Features: It is quite obvious that not all the plugins offer every feature you want, Therefore you need to pick a membership plugin very carefully or you might end up picking the wrong plugin.

 Customizability: According to your requirement, you should also take Customizability into consideration. Depending on the plugin Customizability will vary from plugin to plugin.

Ease Of Use: This is one of the most important aspects you should look into. If you’re hiring an experienced WordPress developer to set up and maintain your site, then you can ignore this point. But if you are building it yourself, then you should look for a beginner-friendly and easy-to-use membership plugin.


Now You also have to keep in mind that the Membership plugin that you’re choosing is compatible with your current theme or new theme. While most of the well-known plugins are compatible with most of the well-known themes, However, there are many exceptions. if your theme is not compatible with the plugin, then you might face many issues including errors & malfunctioning while using the plugin.

2.5 Top Free WordPress Membership Plugins

There are many great WordPress Membership Plugins, But this list mainly focuses on the Top Free WordPress Membership Plugins 

1.Paid Memberships Pro

2. Restrict User Access

3. Simple Membership


5. Ultimate Member

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1.Paid Memberships Pro
Top Free WordPress Membership Plugins

Paid Memberships Pro is probably the best free membership plugin for WordPress. With 100,000+ active installations, It is also one of the popular membership plugins. Although the name feature “Pro”, There is a free version of Paid Memberships Pro available and it is more than enough for basic users.

It lets you create a website with restricted content and different membership levels. You can use Paid Memberships Pro to create different types of websites such as LMS, premium content, clubs and associations, subscription-based, paid newsletters, etc. You can also use it with woo-commerce to give members-only product discounts.

As mentioned earlier, You can create different membership levels and users can choose any membership level and the benefits will be given according to level. 

Suppose you have three levels – gold, silver, and bronze (Gold being the highest and bronze being the lowest). You can create content for each level, if you want to give the highest level (gold) some extra benefits, you can do so using this plugin. Overall it is a great plugin to get started.

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2. Restrict User Access
Top Free WordPress Membership Plugins

Restrict User Access is yet another great free WordPress membership plugin. If you are looking for a membership plugin that will work flawlessly with Woocommerce, Restrict User Access might be the right choice.  

It also offers many content protection features, you can restrict user access to your posts, pages, and even custom post types. It also supports different plugins like bbPress, Woocommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, Polylang, WPML, etc. It also becomes a solid choice if you’re building a drip-feed membership site.

3. Simple Membership
Top Free WordPress Membership Plugins

As the name suggests, Simple membership is a membership plugin that is easy to use. It offers many good features such as unlimited membership levels, content protection, payment log, etc. Simple Membership is a great choice for newbies who want to build a simple content website. It works with almost any WordPress theme.

Top Free WordPress Membership Plugins

With 200,000+ active installations, MemberPress is one of the most popular membership plugins.MemberPress is one of the best membership plugins for online learning membership websites. Memberpress is easy to set up and it offers useful features such as Role editor, Access limit for pages, posts, etc. It also allows you to make your website completely private. 

5. Ultimate Member
Top Free WordPress Membership Plugins

With 200,000+ active installations, Ultimate Member is also one the most popular membership plugins, It comes with tons of features such as profile,private content,groups,social activity,user bookmarks,user photos,user bookmarks,user photos,followers,real-time notifications,friends,etc.It also supports WooCommerce,bbPress,MailChimp,myCRED,etc. It lets you create a robust membership system.It also offers some free addons including Google reCAPTCHA,Terms & Conditions,ForumWP ,JobsBoardWP,etc.You can also create a forum or job board using JobsBoardWP and ForumWP integration. 

5.20+ Membership Website Examples

Here are 50 examples of Membership Websites. 

1.MBSC Nutrition

2.Book Riot

3. Oliveknits



6.Scott’s Cheap Flights

7.Food Tank



10.Jot Down

11.Mark Manson

12.Reflexion Yoga

13.Samurai Carpenter

14.Pencil Kings

15.World of Walt

16.The Weekly Oasis

17.Food Blogger Pro

18.Terrell Owens

19.Sports Bet Army

20.The Sweet Spot

Conclusion: Although I have discussed only 5 plugins, You will find many other great membership plugins available. So make sure to check other options too.

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