5 Best WordPress Plugins for Google Analytics

If you have a website, Then you probably know that you have to check your analytics frequently. And Google Analytics is the most preferred Analytics tool for website admins, SEO experts, and digital marketers. Analytics is very essential to measure your website performance. 

But what if you don’t want to log in to your Google Analytics account each time you want to check for the analytics. Fortunately, We, WordPress users, have plugins. A Google Analytics plugin can help us view all statistics from our WordPress admin dashboard. So, In this post, I’m going to give you some of the Best WordPress Plugins for Google Analytics. 

Overview – 

  1. What is Google Analytics?
  2. Reasons Why You Should Be Using Google Analytics
  3. Best WordPress Plugins for Google Analytics. 

1. What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics by Google, is a free web analytics tool that allows us to analyze website traffic. Anyone with a Google account can use Google Analytics for free. Whether you are a website owner or a business owner or a digital marketer Google Analytics has something for everyone.

2. 5 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Google Analytics

 Best WordPress Pluginsfor Google Analytics.

Well, Google analytics is one most important tools for Website owners. Google Analytics comes with so many features, therefore it is hard to mention all of them in a single list. You can do many things with Google Analytics. But here are 5 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Google Analytics. 

2.1. Google Analytics is free: 

You don’t need to buy or purchase a paid tool for analyzing website traffic as we have Google Analytics. It is totally free for everyone. 

2.2. Detailed Report or insights of Users’ Activity:

Google Analytics gives you a detailed report on what the users are doing on your site. It will help you determine which users are likely to convert.

2.3. Credibility of Your content:

Since Google Analytics gives you insights into user’s activity, You can easily determine which type of content users are consuming the most. You will be able to create more engaging content for your visitors.

2.4. Monitor Your Traffic

Google Analytics allows you to monitor real-time traffic. It also provides data on page views, Bounce Rate, Overall Traffic (for a time period), demographics, and many more.

2.5. Generate More Leads

Google Analytics also includes the most viewed pages and posts on your site. You can use those pages to generate more leads. 

5 Best WordPress Plugins for Google Analytics


 Best WordPress Plugins for Google Analytics.

Well, There are a lot of Free Google analytics Plugins for WP, However not all of them are good (obviously), Therefore I give you a list of some of the Best WordPress Plugins for Google Analytics. 

1. MonsterInsights

2. Analytify


4. WP Statistics

5. Enhanced Ecommerce Google Analytics Plugin


With over 3+ million active installations, MonsterInsights is the most popular Google Analytics Plugin for WP. MonsterInsights is probably the Best WordPress Plugins for Google Analytics. It is very easy to use as it doesn’t require any coding. You can view / access reports from your WP dashboard. MonsterInsights offers an easy setup process.

You can easily get a detailed report on traffic, gender, visitors’ country, page views, bounce rate, etc. You can also set up universal event tracking to collect data.MonsterInsights works with most of the popular themes. It also offers a  Forms addon to track form submissions, views, conversion rate, etc. It works with  WooCommerceEasy Digital Downloads, or MemberPress without any problem.

Although Monsterinsights comes with a lot of features, Most features are paid ($99.50/year). The free version is suitable for basic users. Monsterinsights also tends to slow down WordPress websites, so keep that in mind.

2. Analytify – Google Analytics Dashboard For WordPress

Analytify is also one of the Best WordPress Plugins for Google Analytics. Analytify is very similar to MonsterInsights. Analytify also lets you view detailed reports right from the WordPress dashboard. You can view statistics such as sessions, page views, visitors, new and returning visitors, bounce rate, average time on site, etc.

  You will be able to view the statistics from the backend and frontend as well. There are many amazing addons available for Analytify. One of the most useful features of Analytify is that it lets you Send automated email reports for each page & every post, and general stats of your site.


 Formerly known as Google Analytics Dashboard for WordPress (GADWP), ExactMetrics is also one of the most popular Google Analytics plugins (900,000+ active installations). It is one of the best free WordPress plugins for Google Analytics as the free comes with many useful features. The free version of ExactMetrics would be more than enough for basic and intermediate users.

 It supports dual tracking (Google Analytics 4 & Universal Analytics 3) and Real-time Stats. It also offers eCommerce Tracking, Affiliate Link Tracking, File Download Tracking, Ad Tracking, Form Conversion Tracking, Referral Tracking, etc. You can track Google AMP with ExactMetrics. The form conversion tacking supports most of the popular form plugins such as WPForms, Contact Form 7, Gravity Forms, Formidable Forms, etc.

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4. WP Statistics

With Active installations of 600,000+, We can hardly forget about this plugin. WP Statistics is a powerful WordPress analytics plugin that gives most of its amazing features for free. 

With WP Statistics you can easily track users’ activity such as where they’re coming from, IP address, What Search engine they are using, browser, Country, City, and many more. It provides great Graphs and Visual Statistics for better understanding. You can also view how many visitors are coming from each Search Engine and the countries with the most visitors. You can export data in TSV, XML, and CSV formats. 

WP Statistics is the perfect Google Analytics for bloggers and affiliate marketers.

5. Enhanced Ecommerce Google Analytics Plugin

Now if you’re running a Woocommerce Store or Online Business, You know that monitoring / tracking your business’ performance frequently is essential. But it can be a tedious task, Fortunately, We have plugins like Enhanced Ecommerce Google Analytics Plugin or Conversios.io. 

With Enhanced Ecommerce, You can easily track your WooCommerce stores’ performance. It is designed for eCommerce sites, Therefore making it a good choice for Business Owners. It lets you track impressions, add-to-cart events, product clicks, and more. It gives you detailed reports on checkouts, products, sales, etc. 

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So Which one is the best Google Analytics Plugin for WP?

Despite MonsterInsights’ popularity, ExactMetrics and WP Statistics are far better (in my opinion). You can try any of them as they offer almost the same features.

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