5 Best AMP Plugins for WordPress (Free)

After the introduction of AMP by Google, It has become very popular among Bloggers because of its SEO advantage. Whether you think it is good or not, Google favors AMP websites over non-AMP websites (at least in some cases). While AMP is not an SEO ranking factor,

If you’re using WordPress, The process of making your site an AMP site becomes very easy (because of AMP plugins). Even if you don’t want to add an AMP plugin to your WP site, You should at least know about some of the Best AMP Plugins for WordPress as it might help you in the future.

Overview –
1.What Is AMP?

3.Advantages of AMP

2.Best AMP Plugins for WordPress – 5 Picks( Free )

Before we get into the main topic, let us know a few things about AMP, shall we?

  • What Is AMP?
  • Advantages of AMP

What Is AMP?

Best AMP Plugins for WordPress  - 5 Picks (Free)

I assume you have at least a little knowledge about AMP. But in case you don’t ->

AMP stands for “Accelerated Mobile Pages”. It is an open-source framework introduced by Google. Accelerated Mobile Pages are lightning-fast as they reduce the use of JavaScript and CSS elements, giving the user a better experience. With AMP, One can create a simple website that loads instantly. AMP uses stripped-down code known as AMP HTML that makes the website faster. 

AMP was google’s response to Facebook’s  Instant Articles. AMP pre-renders pages shown in Google results. Since most internet users access the internet via their mobile, It makes perfect sense to use AMP to serve the content. AMP provides a smooth experience to those who have bad internet connectivity. AMP web pages are estimated to be almost 85% faster than non-accelerated mobile pages. 

Advantages of Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

Well, There are a lot of advantages but we are going to discuss some of them.

1. Faster Loading Speed: 

 As discussed earlier, AMP loads faster than non-accelerated mobile pages. Amp makes the overall user experience better and smoother.

2. Low Bounce Rate:

 Most visitors leave a website because of its slow loading speed. Slow Websites often get a high bounce rate, But AMP can drastically decrease your bounce rate.

3. Compatible with any Browser:

  AMP works with almost every browser. Hence, you don’t have to worry about browser compatibility.

4. Improved Search Engine Ranking: 

While Search engines don’t favor AMP or AMP is not a ranking factor. But Search engines do favor speed, If you have a fast website, It will help the website rank higher.

5. Open Source Project: 

Unlike other projects such as Facebook’s instant articles. AMP is an Open source project.

Best AMP Plugins for WordPress – 5 Free Picks

1. AMP – The Official AMP Plugin

2. AMP for WP – Accelerated Mobile Pages

3.PWA for WP & AMP

4.Schema & Structured Data for WP & AMP

5. AMP WP – Google AMP For WordPress

1. AMP – The Official AMP Plugin

The official AMP plugin by By AMP Project Contributors is probably the Best AMP Plugin for WordPress. This AMP plugin is free and easy to configure. It will help you build a fast, beautiful, engaging WordPress site. 

If you’re not sure which AMP plugin to use, You should give this plugin a try. It offers three three template modes 1. Standard Mode,2.Transitional Mode, Reader Mode.

1. Standard Mode: Standard Mode offers only one version of your WP site, And that is the AMP version. It uses only one theme for serving requests. This mode is suitable where the theme and plugins are AMP-compatible.

2. Transitional Mode:  Transitional Mode also uses only one theme, But it serves two different versions of a given URL ( AMP and non-AMP versions). Although it uses a single theme, there are two versions of each page (an AMP and a non-AMP). This mode is suitable if you’re using a theme that is not fully AMP compatible.

3. Reader Mode: Reader Mode uses two different themes, One of those two themes is for AMP pages and another is for non-AMP pages. There are also two versions of the website.

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2. AMP for WP – Accelerated Mobile Pages 

AMP for WP is yet another AMP plugin. Unlike the official AMP plugin, It offers lots of features. It gives control over how your AMP content looks. You can insert advertisements and tracking scripts as well. It supports page builders like Divi and Elementor. It comes with 3 Pre-built AMP Layouts.  

It also provides support for Contact Form 7, Gravity Form, Caldera Form, Ninja Form, Facebook Comments, Github Gist, etc. It works properly with most WordPress SEO plugins such as SEOPress, Rank Math, Yoast SEO, All in One SEO, etc. It also works with Woocommerce which is a big plus point. AMP for WP is one of the Best AMP Plugins for WordPress for digital marketers. 

3.PWA for WP & AMP

PWA stands for Progressive Web Apps, Now we haven’t talked about Progressive Web Apps yet, But I will cover this topic in near future. PWA for WP & AMP combines the functionalities of PWA and AMP, Giving the user a perfect app-like experience. with this plugin, you can turn your WordPress website into an App. 

Being a PWA, It loads the content of the site even when the user is offline. It also loads your website in full-screen mode (without browser toolbar), It looks and feels like a native app rather than a website. You can also customize the mobile version. This is without a doubt one of the Best AMP Plugins for WordPress for giving users a native app-like experience.

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4.Schema & Structured Data for WP & AMP

If you’re already using AMP on your WordPress website, Then Schema & Structured Data for WP & AMP is a must-have plugin. It allows you to add Google Rich Snippets markup. Don’t worry, It follows Schema.org’s guidelines. It will give your AMP website an SEO boost. Schema & Structured Data for WP & AMP is worth a try.

5. AMP WP – Google AMP For WordPress

AMP WP is a rather less known AMP plugin for WordPress, However, it doesn’t that it is bad. AMP WP is a great alternative to the Better AMP plugin (removed due to Guideline Violation). It offers a little bit more than the Official AMP plugin for WordPress. It allows you to customize the AMP designs using the WordPress Customizer. 

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There are a lot of AMP plugins, But I have included these five plugins because I have used them and I’m familiar with them. Feel free to try other AMP plugins as well.

The Verdict :

AMP – The Official AMP Plugin: Overall, the Best Free AMP plugin for Basic users.

AMP for WP: Best for Digital Marketers.

PWA for WP & AMP: Combination of PWA and AMP, Best for giving users an app-like experience.

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