12 Best Google Search Tricks And Tips In 2021

Are you ready to learn some cool Google Search Tricks And Tips,

Are You ready to become a pro in google search? 

Okay, let’s begin.

I’ll share more than 12+  Google Search Tricks And Tips tricks for you to use. 

I’ll begin with some of Google’s basic search tips – No, The list is not in a particular order.

Google Search Tricks And Tips

1.The Less The Better – 

 you’ve all heard the phrase less is more whenever you’re searching for something keep the number of words to a minimum to avoid any irrelevant search results.

Let us assume you are searching for a Digital Marketing Course. 

Let say you were going to type “Digital Marketing Course in Tokyo, Japan”

Here you could just search for just digital marketing course, and let Google do its job.

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2.Power of quotes ” “

often time while searching for something specific, rather than just searching traditionally, just use ” ” (quote around your desired words to narrow down your result) and see the power of quotes. This is one of the less known Google Search Tricks And Tips To Advance. 

3. Images 

Did you know you can find copyright-free images from Google directly? All you need to do is to search for the thing that you are looking for. Then as usual go to the images tab and then go to the user rights tab and select whichever you want.

4.Down Arrow Beside The URL

Did you know you can easily find a similar website just by clicking on the down arrow beside the website URL in Google Search?  

There would be two options if you visit a site regularly one would “Cached” & another would be “Similar”. Just click on the similar and google will show the most relevant similar results. Use this Google Search Trick and let me know.

5.The Pronunciation 

did you know you ask google to pronounce any word if you are learning a language or having a hard time pronouncing a word?

Just search “pronounce the word” 

Example -> pronounce accommodation

it will pronounce the “accommodation” word loudly (Click On the Speaker icon).

6.Any Word In Any Language

This is very handy. let say you want to know how to say thank you in German. then just type “Thank You In German”.

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Google Search Tricks And Tips

7. Stock Price of Any company

To know any company’s stock price all you have to do is Type “Company Stock Price”.

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8.Google Search Calculator

Did you know Google search can act as a calculator?

It would better if you are using the voice search.

9. Google Search Timer

Google search can act as a timer to all you need to do is type: Set Timer for 8s or your preferred time.

10. The OR 

Did you know you could get the relevant result just by using OR.

Just Use Or in better two search terms to get the best result.

Example: “Best Sites to Learn Coding” OR “Learn Coding For Free”.

Use this Google Search Trick to save time. Rather than doing multiple searches, you could save time by using this.

Isn’t it one of the best Google Search Tricks And Tips?

Let’s see the Last 5 of  Google Search Tricks And Tips. 

11.Flight Details

 Are you trying to find the best flight from a city to another?

there you are just one search away to find your perfect flight.

just search city to city.

Example: Mumbai To Stockholm 

12.The Definition By Using DEFINE

Use the define before a word and get the meaning of the word without doing anything.

Example: Define Search

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Few helpful Google Search Tricks And Tips.

1.Exclude Some Words: use – “minus” to exclude certain words or terms. 

Example: PC Games -PlayStation games

This will show only PC games and ignore any PlayStation games. 

2.Use * To Find A Word That You Can’t Remember –  If you can’t remember certain words that Google can help just use the asterisk sign to find the word. This one of the coolest Google Search Tricks And Tips.

Example: Scared to be * by Martin Garrix

Bonus: Use Do a barrel roll, type do a barrel roll, and see the magic.

This one of those ester eggs of Google Search. 

Inspiration – TechGumbo

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